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Crossing to Tijuana: The Blue Line Henry Biernacki

The people waiting at the Civic Center either went to get someone out of jail or take the train to the US-Mexico border. That was life, dia y noche in San Diego and the most charming way to enter Mexico, via Tijuana. read more

Some illegal Mexicans end up big winners Marvin West

Perhaps you have heard that illegal immigration is down. The economy up north is supposedly discouraging. More and better border surveillance, patrols and the fence could be factors. Up, down or sideways, illegal immigration is, well, illegal. It is breaking and entering followed by an occasional game of hide and seek. All that said, sometimes bad ends up good. read more

The Brownsville-Matamoros Ferry: crossing the Rio Grande from 1818 to 1929 Maggie Van Ostrand

Old is good, especially when it's a freshly discovered newspaper from April 1929. It's exciting to read things that happened even before the stock market crash was to occur that coming October, leading America into one of the bleakest periods in our history. That sad period also saw the close of the oldest institution on the lower Mexican border: the Brownsville-Matamoros ferry.

The ferry (chalon) was an efficient means of transportation between the U.S. and Mexico for 110 years but, in 1929, it took its last trip across the Rio Grande. read more

Cejas and the great escape: Dog rescue in Tijuana Maggie Van Ostrand

A warm-hearted missionary rescues a Tijuana street dog and smuggles him across the border to a new home in California. read more

Border disorder: passages into Mexico Gerry Soroka

I tell my friends that the only thing I have had stolen by Mexicans was my unwavering fealty to Canada: I have even considered living fulltime in Mexico. We are approaching the border crossing about half a mile off. There are no distinctive read more

A modern day Rio Grande ferry tale Maggie Van Ostrand

The sun was shining, the breeze was gentle and Mark Alvarez was in a really good mood. "People call me all day when it starts raining," he said. They call because they need to find out if they'll be ab... read more

Driving across the Mexican border: Regulations and guidelines Mexico Data On-Line

Here are a couple of steps you need to take when you decide to drive across the border into Mexico. If you abide by these rules, you'll be making sure you can legally take your trip to Mexico by car. ... read more

The fence along the Mexican border Maggie Van Ostrand

The English-speaking people of the world aren't always as smart as, say, Stephen Hawking who writes about cosmic stuff like time, black holes and the universe, but wouldn't you think the people in char... read more

Fragment Jorge Tirado

A simple vista vi un fragmento de tierra en alguna costa, frente a un océano. El vistazo se transformó en mirada. Me sumergí momentáneamente en la contemplación. Varias ideas surcaron mi mente, ... read more

Fragment Jorge Tirado

David Aguilar, chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, said the United States is experiencing a large increase in the number of illegal entries, according to the US State Department. New to Mexconnect, J... read more

Common questions asked Mexican customs Mexico Data On-Line

1. What are the basic documents I need to ship my goods to Mexico? NAFTA FACTS document 8401 provides detail on the documents needed to ship goods to Mexico. 2. I have been told that I cannot export ... read more

How to move abroad (to Mexico) - and stay sane! Linzi Eisemann

Moving is always a rather upsetting experience and meticulous planning and organization are essential if all concerned want to retain their sanity! Moving to a foreign country only adds to the difficul... read more

Deporting Santa Claus Maggie Van Ostrand

Associated Press reports the U.S. Department of Immigration apprehended Santa Claus attempting to illegally enter the United States from Mexico. He was caught maneuvering his sleigh over a fence recent... read more

The Devil's Highway: A True Story by Luis Alberto Urrea Reviewed by Allan Cogan

This is the story of a group of men who have become known as the Yuma 14. They are the fourteen illegal immigrants who died attempting to cross the Arizona border in May, 2001. And what a terrible and upsetting story it is. Unknown numbers of these illegal immigrants die every year making the dangerous crossing on foot over one of the most inhospitable stretches of terrain in the world. But the Yuma 14 constituted the largest known number of such immigrants to die at one time. read more

The Salvation of La Purisima by T. M. Spooner Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The two cultures - Mexican and U.S. - come together in a thoughtful way in this interesting novel, which is set in both countries. The story concerns a group of Mexican illegal immigrants who travel north in May each year to work in the cherry orchards in northern Michigan. They are from the village of La Purísima in Michoacán. It's a community inhabited solely by elderly people and women and children during the picking season when all the men head north on what has become their annual rite of passage. It's perhaps more than that. read more

Obtaining an F.M.3 Discussion Thread Forum

There was a question in MTMG #1 about whether it is possible to get an FM3 visa before arriving in Mexico. I picked up a standard hand-outfrom the Consulate-Generalof Mexicoin Vancouver recently. It is dated March 1994 and the following information is extracted from it.The FM-3 may be secured at any Mexican Consulate upon the presentation of all of the following:

read more

The Dark Side of the Dream by Alejandro Grattan-Dominguez Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The story begins in 1941, at the time America went to war with Japan and Germany. It concerns the Salazar family, poor farmers in Chihuahua. The grandfather, Sebastian, knows he is dying and he advises the family to move to the United States. He reasons that because of the war the Americans will want lots of people to work in their country as their men go off to fight. Their farm is a ruin. Only expensive fertilizer could bring it back to life. And they don't have any money. read more

Migration: documented on the web Ron Mader

Recent events have placed migration in Mexico's political spotlight. High-level discussions between political leaders throughout North America underscore the great changes taking place. The Web provide... read more

Dynamic websites join two nations at the borderline Ron Mader

The borderlands shared by Mexico and the United States make up one of the world's most dynamic regions. Communities have used the Web to further not only a cross-border exchange but also as a means to ... read more

Sweet And Sour Times On The Border Joe Cummings

Less than 500 metres south of the U.S. border, in front of a ochre-stuccoed shopfront signed 'Café Nueva Asia', a technicolor banner of the Virgin of Guadalupe hangs side by side with a red paper lamp... read more

Getting here - paperwork for people, animals, cars and things Karen Blue

FM-T Tourist The basic entrance immigration status for tourists is the FM-T. It is valid for a maximum of 180 days and is issued at your point of entry into Mexico-either at a border crossing or an ai... read more

Bringing your dogs to Mexico Maggie Van Ostrand

Moving to Mexico was the easy decision; bringing my dogs with me was harder. First, how would I get them there? I didn't trust airplanes transporting animals. I thought they might lose my two big dogs... read more

Mexican-American War of ought-five Maggie Van Ostrand

Remember that Mexican-American War (1846-1848) where the U.S. had a thing called "Manifest Destiny?" That meant President James K. Polk believed in the "sea to shining sea" destiny for the U.S.A. and t... read more

Head for Mexico: The Renegade Guide by Don Adams Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Don Adams and his collaborators have produced a guide that's aimed directly at those people up north who are contemplating coming here, either permanently or for lengthy annual visits. The resulting volume is, in my opinion, a real winner. The various chapters are divided into topics such as putting your financial affairs in order and arranging for transfers of money.... read more

Mexifornia, a State of Becoming by Victor Davis Hanson Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Although there's heavy duty immigration going on, there's not a whole lot of integration taking place. read more
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