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Hidden Places Near Puerto Vallarta Discussion Thread Forum

Dear Friends, Someone suggested we hire a taxi for a half day. Does anyone have any ideas for truly hidden villages or jungle spots or other places where the tourists don't usually go? Thank you. read more

Art in Puerto Vallarta Marla Hoover

“Every Child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.” Pablo Picasso Art of every description is exhibited in Puerto Vallarta, from bohemian and Huichol t... read more

A wee malarkey about Melaque, a beach town on the Mexican Pacific Wendy Devlin

San Patricio/Melaque, on the Pacific Coast of Jalisco draws its name from Saint Patrick. Legend goes that Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland and drove out all the snakes to boot. Locals say ... read more

A ten year retrospective of Puerto Vallarta real estate Marla Hoover

*Statistics from Multi List Vallarta The last decade of the millennium has brought a multitude of changes to the real estate market of Puerto Vallarta. The effects of this can be seen by the expansion... read more

Aqui es México Bill Begalke

Of all the most endearing and enduring charms that draw travelers back to Mexico, the effect that the country can have upon a sense of humor is the most magical. It arises out of an initial attitude o... read more

Our Mexico hotel in Melaque Wendy Devlin

One hour north of Manzanillo, Colima, the Primero Plus gave one final jolt in front of Melaque’s bus station. From air-conditioned comfort, we stepped down into the afternoon warmth. By arriving mid ... read more

Budget hotels in Puerto Vallarta Paula Cunningham

We try to travel to Mexico twice a year, for a week or two at a time, packing just one carry-on bag each. This limitation is absolutely necessary when our two kids go along, because more than four carr... read more

Exploring Puerto Vallarta by foot Marla Hoover

Taking in the sights on foot is a great way to see some of the things Puerto Vallarta has to offer. By lacing up your walking shoes and setting out on your own, you get a close-up peek into shops and s... read more

Puerto Morelos, A Yucatan paradise Roger Cunningham

Located just 20 minutes south of Cancun on the Riviera Maya, Puerto Morelos is a haven of peace and solitude. It is possibly the last vestige of an authentic, small fishing village on the entire Caribb... read more

Easy living in Mazatlan, the Pearl of the Pacific Thom McDonald

Mazatlán, (pronounced “maz-it-LAWN”, with the stress on the last syllable), means “place of the deer” in the Nahuatl (Aztec) language,. It is a city of around half a million people, located on a long, flat stretch of the Pacific coast of Mexico, just to the south of the Tropic of Cancer and due east of the tip of the Baja peninsula. It is here that the cool waters of the deep Pacific meet those of the warm, shallow Gulf of California. You might think of Mazatlán as having one foot in the tropics and the other in the dryer, dessert climate to the north.

read more

Bahias de Huatulco on Mexico's Oaxaca coast Sherry McLeod de Castrillon

Bahias de Huatulco (pronounced Wa-tool-co) located on the coast of Oaxaca, ( map) about six hours from Oaxaca City by car, and approximately three hundred miles south of Acapulco, is the latest d... read more

Huatulco: an undiscovered paradise Karen Blue

I just returned from four days in Huatulco, located along the coast of Oaxaca at the end of the Southern Sierra Madre mountains. The area's nine bays and twenty-three beaches stretch 35 kilometers alon... read more

Puerto Vallarta versus Cabo Beaches Mexico Data On-Line

Mexico Connect Forum Discussion Threads Posted by Tim Bowen on July 12, 1999 I am going on my honeymoon in 30 days, and I was told by someone who just returned that the beaches at Puerto Vallarta w... read more

A date with the shady lady on Acapulco Wendy Devlin

Valentine's Day brought me face-to-face with the shady 'lady' hidden in Acapulco. Not only did I meet the 'lady'; I was mistaken for her! Acapulco is one of Mexico's oldest coastal tourist destination... read more

Puerto Vallarta: Getting to know the city Susan Schroeder

The Rio Cuale, the main river running through today's Puerto Vallarta, empties into the 7th largest bay in the world, the Bay of Banderas. The area is a tropical paradise, blessed with an abundance of ... read more

Puerto Escondido: Mexico's hidden Oaxacan beach Geri Anderson

In Spanish, Puerto Escondido means 'hidden port', and the little beach town tucked away in the southern part of Oaxaca certainly lives up to that name. Part of its elusiveness is because there are no d... read more

Colimilla, Colima: The freshest seafood in Mexico Wendy Devlin

"When you return from your friends in Guadalajara, I will take you to the freshest, finest seafood in Colima!" promised Nestor, as we left the hotel that he managed in Melaque, Jalisco. Well, I do no... read more

Mañana at the lighthouse: Bahia la Ventana in Baja California Sur Wendy Devlin

Mañana is a Mexican word that I struggle to understand. I continue to learn more about this word every time that I travel in Mexico. One of my earliest lessons was learned at the lighthouse that prote... read more

Letting go in Mexico: Young teens on their own Wendy Devlin

Josh, fourteen, and Rose, twelve, were keen to discover Mexico in their own way in San Patricio/ Melaque. As they were six and eight when last they frolicked in the waves, they now felt mature and open... read more

Alicia Ramirez, a friend in Melaque Wendy Devlin

The diminutive, stocky woman with a long braid of dark hair walks the five- mile long sweeping expanse of beach several times every day. Usually she walks alone, but, sometimes other women or men accom... read more
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