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An artistic evolution: Three modern Mexican muralists Erin Cassin

For these three young men, art is not just an integral part of their lives, but a vital force in society as a whole. read more

Frida - A Novel By Barbara Mujica Reviewed by James Tipton

Throughout the novel, we see the forceful character of Frida displaying itself The largest Frida Kahlo exhibit ever has just ended in Mexico City. Timed to coincide with the 100th anniversary of her b... read more

Georg Rauch: A Clear View All The Way To The Horizon Reviewed by James Tipton

After thirty years as an artist in Mexico (and close to 2000 paintings spanning more than fifty years), Georg has been adopted as a "Mexican" artist. Here in central Mexico he found peace.

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Inner reality: Ary Stillman in Cuernavaca Erin Cassin

Cuernavaca worked a miracle on Ary and his painting seemed revitalized. For the next few years, there was an outpouring of fantasies on canvas or paper. read more

The vibrant voyages of Mexican artist Hector Ramirez Erin Cassin

Drenched in color, the paintings of Chihuahua artist H. Ramírez pulse with energy and emotion. These elements form the core of Ramírez's work; his very brushstrokes are informed by the artist's inner sentiments.

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Georg Rauch: Artist in Mexico gallery

Born in Austria, Rauch survived the horrors of WWII and began painting seriously in Vienna in 1949. Strongly influenced by his fellow Viennese painters Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt and Oskar Kokoschka, h... read more
Showing 51—75 of 151 results
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