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The Lake Chapala artistic and literary scene in the 1960s and early 1970s Tony Burton

Lake Chapala’s literary and artistic reputation was enhanced in the 1930s, '40s and '50s by a long string of visiting writers and artists. Here is a brief alphabetical listing of some of the stalwarts of the Lake Chapala art and literary scene in the 1960s and early 1970s. read more

Wandering warriors: the Tastoan masks of Prudencio Guzman Erin Cassin

On July 25, Saint James Day, Tastoanes perform in many towns and villages. The first performances in 12th century Spain were known as the dance of the Moors and the Christians. In Spain's version, the event symbolizes the expulsion of the Moors, while Mexico's variation -- often called the dance of the Tastoanes -- is commonly interpreted as the representation of the Spanish conquest of Mexico in the 1500s. read more

A Michoacan tradition: the needlework artistry of Hermelinda Reyes Travis Whitehead

Her bold hands coax the thread through white cotton, relinquishing a fragment of the kaleidoscopic hues within her soul to cavort freely across the snowy landscape. The joints of her fingers moving wit... read more

Anahuacalli: Diego Rivera's gift of indigenous treasures Anthony Wright

Legendary Mexican artist and master muralist Diego Rivera spent so much time avidly collecting pre-Hispanic art it's a wonder he ever got around to painting. Rivera amassed a collection of thousands of... read more

Javier Zaragoza: artist with a mission Rita Pomade

Javier Zaragoza
"I was six when I started to paint," he recalls. "It all started at the public library here in Ajijic. There was this woman, Neill James. She was a great woman, very generous. She gave us kids everything - watercolors, paper, brushes, and even furniture to work on. I spent my weekends painting all day. " read more

Diego Rivera's monumental stairway mural in Mexico's National Palace, Mexico City, D.F. (1) Joe Cummings

The center arch of the wall contains the Mexican eagle holding a serpent that showed the end of the Aztecs' migration. Included on the current Mexican flag, the eagle also represents a resurgent Mexico... read more

Arte plumaria: the feather art of Martha Lopez Luna Travis Whitehead

The 52-year-old artisan and married mother of three sons only began working in arte plumaria in 1999, but she has already earned an impressive reputation for herself. A book featuring her work titled Mi Collar, Mi Pequeña Pluma (My Necklace, My Little Feather) contains photos of her images endowed with a calamitous beauty . . . read more

Manuel Reyes: sculptor, painter and renaissance man from Oaxaca's Mixteca Alta Alvin Starkman

"Look at that female warrior over there... notice the belt I made for her, with penises hanging from it, her trophies." Artist Manuel Reyes aspires to exhibit his work in art galleries in Oaxaca and M... read more

Alfredo Zalce: Mexican muralist and Michoacan's living legend Sam Houston

Alfredo Zalce, at age 94, is the elder of Mexico's last living renowned, great revolutionary muralists. He was born in Patzcuaro, in the state of Michoacan, on January 12, 1908. During his early year... read more

Rebel without a pause: the tempestuous life of Diego Rivera Jim Tuck

In art as in life, Diego Rivera was a man constantly in rebellion. At 16, he left the prestigious San Carlos Academy in Mexico City in protest against the academy's emphasis on representational art. He... read more

Jose Maria Alejos Madrigal: Generations of ceramic creativity in San Jose de Gracia, Michoacan Travis Whitehead

"I learned from my parents. It's been passed down from generation to generation." read more

Mexican painter Gabriela Epstein: color, form and energy Erin Cassin

Epstein spent eleven years on a Chiapas coffee plantation. Its fertile landscape seeped into her subconscious and left an indelible impression. read more

Jacobo Angeles: A rich wood-carving tradition in Oaxaca, dating to pre-Hispanic times Alvin Starkman

Jacobo Ángeles' work is prominently displayed in The Smithsonian, Chicago's National Museum of Mexican Art, and elsewhere throughout the continent and further abroad, in museums, art colleges and gall... read more

Artstuff - Ancient American Goddess Art by Juan Compo

Ancient American Goddess images by Juan Compo, in paintings, murals, wall hangings, posters and fabrics, are now in private collections in the U.S.A., Canada and Mexico. Juan Compo is the name chosen ... read more

Edward James, Builder Of Dreams Michael Kernan

 "Look, we move among a bunch of 'pseudo-realists',   who.... produce nothing but junk.   So, they try to act like madmen to justify themselves.   On the other hand, you who are real   lab... read more

Did You Know? Artists in Mexico with disabilities Tony Burton

Several famous Mexican artists had serious physical disabilities. Three Mexican artists, whose very different works are admired annually by thousands, and who were born in successive decades of the ni... read more
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