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Dog with a human mask: The ceramic dogs from Colima Cat Gonzales

Mexicans love wearing masks. My favorite is a statue of a dog wearing a human mask created about 300 A.D, and found near Colima. Masks are part of the Christmas pastorelas, depicting the devil, ... read more

Zapata Reviewed by Allan Cogan

In 1952, John Steinbeck won an Academy Award nomination for his screenplay of the movie, Viva Zapata! Many years later, however, a manuscript was found in UCLA Library in which it was discovered he had... read more

Mexico's traditional papel picado: Classic art for a Mexican fiesta Dale Hoyt Palfrey

Experienced Mexico travelers recognize a sure sign that a local fiesta is in progress whenever they spy a churchyard or stretch of roadway bedecked with lines of bright tissue paper cut-outs. ... read more

Dr. Atl and the revolution in Mexico's art Tony Burton

At the start of the Mexican Revolution (1910) painting in Mexico had reached an all-time low. The then President, Porfirio Diaz had been in power for more than 30 years and in the words of famous American art critic, Mackinley Helm, "nowhere else in the world, not even in Victorian England, had bad taste in art and decoration been ever so carefully nurtured as in Mexico during the dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz". Few signs if any had been shown by 1910 of the far- reaching revolution in Mexican art which came to include such figures as Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco and David Alfaro Siqueiros, the three greatest of Mexico's world-renowned muralists. One of the key figures in this artistic revolution which more or less coincided in time with the country's political revolution was Dr. Atl, born in Guadalajara. read more

The Frida Kahlo Museum Gale Randall

For an offbeat travel experience in the Mexico City area, consider a visit to the Museo Frida Kahlo in Coyoacan. Hidden behind high cobalt blue walls at the corner of Londres and Allende in this charmi... read more

Murals come to life in the Florence of Mexico: Guadalajara Tony Burton

In Guadalajara with a short time to spare after a business meeting or a long wait between flight? Even an hour or two will suffice to see something of the artistic heritage that Mexico's second city, G... read more

Out of Mexico's past: Photographs that speak volumes (Hugo Brehme and others) Anthony Wright

Anyone out there on the information highway heard of an American photographer named North? Worked in Mexico, made dozens of daguerreotypes of the cities, churches and countryside circa mid-1800s? Gina ... read more

Huichol artwork and how to care for it Robert Otey

The art is made by overlaying carved wood or gourds — in the case of ceremonial bowls — with a beeswax - pine resin mixture, then meticulously placing the beads on this sticky base, by hand, one by... read more

Huichol artwork: masks Robert Otey

The masks are like mirrors that reflect the patterns of face paintings worn during sacred ceremonies. The Huichol people understand themselves to be mirrors of the gods. The Huichol people believe tha... read more

Huichol shamanic art Dr. Thomas Pinkson

The Huichol People of central Mexico still follow the age-old shamanic ways of their ancestors, an unbroken wisdom-bridge stretching back into the Paleolithic. The mara'akame, the shaman, still leads p... read more

Art is alive and well in Monterrey Tony Burton

One of the pleasures of even a brief visit to Monterrey is the chance to explore its art museums and galleries. There are three important art museums in the city. The Museo de Monterrey (at Ave. Alfons... read more

Symbolic Huichol Art: Journeys of Vision Judy King

As I walked through the gardens of La Nueva Posada, my eyes were riveted on the young indigenous girl seated on the garden wall. Her vivid yellow skirt and blue top reminded me of our magazine's masthe... read more

Huichol Indians: their art and symbols Angela Corelis

  Deer and wolves that speak to man, arrows that carry prayers, serpents that bring rain or impart skill in embroidery, pumas that are messengers of the Gods — are all real in the Huichol beli... read more
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