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The cuisine of Jalisco: la cocina tapatia Karen Hursh Graber

If there is one state that can be considered quintessentially Mexican, it is Jalisco. Home of mariachis, tequila, famous regional dances and equally well-known culinary specialties, Jalisco is at the heart of the country's culture and contributes significantly to its cuisine. The lakes yielded a variety of fish while hunting provided ducks, doves and partridges. Europeans introduced cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, dairy products and lard, as well as wheat, olive oil, rice, spices, and several European varieties of fruit, nuts and vegetables. read more

Regional Cuisines Of Guerrero: From Beaches to Mountains Karen Hursh Graber

This seems like a good time of year to talk about the culinary specialties of Guerrero, the Mexican state whose coastline is home to some of the country's most popular winter resorts, including Acapulc... read more
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Special Meat Filling for Tacos: Carne Especial para Tacos o Tortas Ana María Flores Sánchez

Serves 6 - 8 Ingredients: 1/2 C. oil 1 kilo pork shank, cleaned and cut into 1/2 inch cubes 10 small chilacate peppers 5 small tomatoes 2 bay leaves 4 whole peppercor... read more

Stuffed Grape Leaves: Tacos de Parra Karen Hursh Graber

In Puebla, these are most often served as small, finger-size rolls, in which case they are referred to as taquitos. Grape leaves usually come in a jar, packed in brine, and must be thoroughly rinsed... read more

Mexican beef brisket tacos: Tacos de carne deshebrada Yvette Marquez-Sharpnack and Veronica Gonzalez-Smith

Mexican tacos of shredded beef brisket.
© Jeanine Thurston, 2011
As a working mother, I love preparing dishes that keep on giving for a couple more meals. Every Tuesday is Taco Tuesday in my home and as a working of two very picky eaters, brisket tacos is one of our favorites. I love it because my slow cooker does all the work for me. read more

Tacos al vapor Karen Hursh Graber

A delicious and authentic recipe for tacos al vapor made with chicken breasts. read more

Wrap It Up: A Guide To Mexican Street Tacos - Part I Karen Hursh Graber


Shrimp and nopal tacos: Tacos de camaron y nopalitos Karen Hursh Graber

The chunky salsa recipe that goes with these tacos makes more than necessary for the tacos, and is a delicious dip for totopos (fried tortilla triangles). I get asked for the recipe every time I serve ... read more

Mexican fish tacos: Tacos de pescado Karen Hursh Graber

Perhaps the most famous Baja street snack, and certainly one of the most frequent reader requests, fish tacos differ a bit from place to place, but are always served with the same basic selection of ga... read more

Duck Tacos: Tacos de Pato Karen Hursh Graber

Whether leftover roasted duck or store-bought or homemade confit is used, the green salsa, with the slight tartness of tomatillos, is a perfect foil for the rich flavor of duck. The salsa is also good ... read more

Mexican roasted cauliflower tacos: Tacos de coliflor Karen Hursh Graber

The combination of the battering technique and the Baja Style Cabbage Slaw makes a copycat Mexican fish taco. Be sure to drizzle the roasted cauliflower tacos with the avocado sauce. Ingredients ... read more

Tacos Al Vapor Karen Hursh Graber

Ingredients: 3 whole chicken breasts Water 3 tsp. salt 3 Tbsp. oil 1 kilo (2.2 lbs) tomatoes - chopped 2 large onions - chopped 2 tsp. salt 1/2 Tbs ... read more

Mexican salsas Luis Dumois

salsa . (Latin salsa, salted.) fem. Composition or mixture of several edible substances, diluted, made to dress or season food. There is no doubt that the above definition was translated from... read more

Guacamole, step by step Daniel Wheeler

Tired of eating burritos and chimichangas… or even Taco Bell? If your idea of Mexican food is a tortilla shell with marinara sauce, or you eat your hot dogs with chili beans, you'll find guacamole a good complement. And people who know real Mexican food consider it one of the best side dishes that Mexico can offer. As a dip while watching Monday night football or alongside a great plate of carne asada with warm tortillas and spicy arroz rojo in a typical family reunion in México, guacamole always hits the spot. read more

The Mexican kitchen: a taste for all seasons Karen Hursh Graber


One of the most fascinating aspects of exploring the cuisine of another country is the process of becoming acquianted with the history, customs and traditions that are an intrinsic part of the cultural landscape of cooking and eating. . .

read more

Immigrant Cooking in Mexico Part 3: The Lebanese of Puebla Karen Hursh Graber

From Cholula to Chicago, taco lovers everywhere know that any taqueria that calls itself poblana, or "from Puebla," will have tacos arabes on the menu. But not everyone knows that ... read more

Cauliflower: A Mexican market staple and vegetable of the year 2014 Karen Hursh Graber

Cauliflower with Mexican poblano cream sauce picture
© Karen Hursh Graber, 2014
Mexican recipes for cauliflower go back a long time, especially in Central Mexico. Diana Kennedy offers a recipe for cauliflower in avocado sauce from a 1911 Mexican cookbook.

And going further back, the monastery cookbook of Friar Geronimo de San Pelayo, written in Mexico City in 1780, has four different recipes for cauliflower.

Pickled cauliflower, called coliflor en escabeche, is often served as a botana with drinks. Another popular version of the vegetable has it divided into florets, dipped in a light coating of egg and flour, and fried, a very Spanish treatment...

read more

Mexican empanadas: Portable pockets of flavor Karen Hursh Graber

Mexican empanadas de picadillo, or seasoned
It would be difficult to think of a food more versatile than the empanada except, of course, the taco. Both consist of a dough-based wrapper around a filling, and both can hold a huge variety of ingredients within. But while the taco has its roots in the indigenous Mexican culinary tradition, the empanada was an import from both Spain and, in the form of Hidalgo's pastes, from Cornwall... read more

The Mexican Kitchen, A Taste For All Seasons Reviewed by Karen Hursh Graber

For ordering information: (for yourself or as a gift!) For your free sample chapter - Click Here! . Step into the Mexican Kitchen with Karen Hursh Grab... read more

Cooking on the Sea of Cortez: Culinary adventures in Baja California Karen Hursh Graber

Mexico's Sea of Cortez, also known by the less lyrical name Gulf of California, supports more marine life than any other body of water on earth. It is no surprise, therefore, that divers, fishermen, an... read more

Scrambled eggs with sautéed chaya: Huevos revueltos con chaya / Chay-he Karen Hursh Graber

This is another Yucatecan favorite that makes use of leftovers from the day before. Chayas fritas from the afternoon meal are repurposed for breakfast the next day in this quick yet nourishing dish. S... read more

Mexican pickled cauliflower: Coliflor en escabeche Karen Hursh Graber

The combination of the battering technique and the Baja Style Cabbage Slaw makes a copycat Mexican fish taco. Be sure to drizzle the roasted cauliflower tacos with the avocado sauce (below). Ingredien... read more

Mexican winter produce: making comfort food healthy Karen Hursh Graber

The winter season brings with it a culinary conundrum. Part of you craves the comfort foods, mostly creamy and carby, that the cold weather seems to inspire. Some of this is induced by childhood memories of Mom baking bread and cooking hearty stews as chill winds blew outside. Another part of you is facing the expanded waistline and added pounds that arrived as unwanted holiday gifts. This is the adult part, the one who dreads being mistaken for a beach ball on that vacation at Playa del Carmen. read more

April in Aguascalientes: Food and drink at Mexico's national fair Karen Hursh Graber

April is a warm month in Mexico and, while some people choose to spend time at the beach, many others prefer to stroll the streets of the beautiful colonial cities. One of the most architecturally imp... read more

Yucatan: Recipes from a Culinary Expedition Reviewed by Karen Hursh Graber

An ice cream vendor in Merida
The Canadian author and Nobel Prize winner Alice Munro said that "The constant happiness is curiosity." If this is the case, then chef and cookbook writer David Sterling must have taken great joy in putting this book together, for it reflects tireless research that was surely driven by an intense desire to learn as much as possible about the cuisine and the culinary traditions of Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.
Sterling's 2014 book may well be considered the definitive work on the foodways of the Yucatan. read more

Mexican style grilled steak: Bistec al carbon Karen Hursh Graber

The usual choice for steak grilled over charcoal in Mexico is arrachera, a choice cut of beef known as skirt steak in English. Flank steak could also be used, but would need to be marinated about ... read more

Baja style cabbage slaw: Ensalada de col Karen Hursh Graber

The ubiquitous fish taco of Baja California is often served with a smooth, loose avocado sauce and shredded cabbage. Many come with a cabbage slaw containing mayonnaise, which I find to have too creamy... read more
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