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The state of Oaxaca, Mexico - resource page Mexconnect Staff

Located in the southern part of Mexico, the state of Oaxaca is bordered to the north by the states of Puebla and Veracruz, to the east by Chiapas, to the west by Guerrero, and to the south by the Pacif... read more

The Cuisine of Oaxaca, Land of the Seven Moles Karen Hursh Graber

A clay casserole of mole for a Oaxaca feast© Alvin Starkman, 2007 While Mexican cooking varies from one region of the country to another, no State compares with Oaxaca in the variety of cuisines fo... read more
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Legends and lore of Oaxaca: A man named Crecencio Oscar Encines

A strange force descended upon Crecencio, giving him a supernatural power.

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Tattoo artists in Oaxaca: a lawyer and a fine arts graduate make strange bedfellows with tatuadores Alvin Starkman

Lawyer Kaireddyn ("Kai") Orta began fabricating his own, rudimentary tools for making tattoos in 1996, while still in high school here in Oaxaca, Mexico. One day, a neighbor saw him carrying a shoe box, and asked him what was in it. Kai showed him the adapted motor, needles, ink and other paraphernalia. The neighbor was the recipient of Kai's first tattoo. Kai then began doing tattoos for his schoolmates. read more

The Oaxaca Newsletter volume 5, No. 14: August 15, 2000 Stan Gotlieb

Five years ago, the Cuota (toll road) from Mexico City to Oaxaca was opened. In effect, the Cuota cut the distance between Mexico and Oaxaca in half. Trips that used to take ten hours on the hazardous, twisting, and often potholed road through Huajuapan de Leon, now can be completed in five on a relatively straight, level, smooth roadway. The result was inevitable, although most of us down here in our sleepy little village failed to understand the forces at work until they became manifest in the last couple of years.

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Oaxaca, Mexico: a day in one of the New World's finest cities Tony Burton

Given the long and illustrious history of Mexico, it is only fitting that just a few kilometers to the east of the oldest urban center in the Americas is one of the loveliest present-day cities in the Americas - the city of Oaxaca. All visitors to Mexico should consider Oaxaca (pronounced Wah-hah-cah) a "must-see". Over the centuries, Oaxaca has become particularly adept at preserving the old and the interesting, while simultaneously keeping pace with the demands of even the most discerning foreign visitor.

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Oaxaca... magic city Allan Cogan

Believe me, Oaxaca is not quite like any other town you’ve ever been to. Even in Mexico. read more

A driving tour from Oaxaca to San Cristobal de las Casas and Palenque: Part One Alvin Starkman

Street Scene
Copoya, Chiapas
This 2,000 kilometer driving tour serves the needs of vacationers to Oaxaca who also want to take in the sights in central Chiapas. It is also useful those who want to at least consider visits to the Pacific coastal resorts in Oaxaca and the Gulf beaches and cultural sights in the state of Veracruz… all without foreclosing a side trip to Puebla. The south central circuit of Mexico provides travelers with a leisurely and culturally diverse driving segment within the context of a two or three week vacation, with virtually no backtracking. read more

A driving tour from Oaxaca to San Cristobal de las Casas and Palenque: Part Two Alvin Starkman

The ancient Maya city of Palenque
The countryside in Southern Mexico is tropical and beautiful. There are "must sees" all along the way as you drive from San Cristobal de las Casas to Oaxaca. read more

Enrique Flores: Philanthropic Oaxaca artist has the golden touch Alvin Starkman

Magical nude by Oaxaca artisa Enrique Flores
© Alvin Starkman, 2009
Enrique Flores is one of the most prolific Mexican artists of his generation. Of course having been mentored by the late great master of contemporary Mexican art, Rodolfo Morales, hasn't hurt; nor has the fact that two of Oaxaca's most prominent art galleries, Indigo and Arte de Oaxaca, were his patrons for many years. But there's no substitute for hard work, talent, and vision. read more

A Oaxaca culinary ambassador: an interview with Chef Pilar Cabrera Karen Hursh Graber

On a recent trip to Oaxaca, I had the pleasure of speaking with Pilar Cabrera, chef, cooking instructor and, most recently, participant in Iron Chef Canada. Chef Cabrera kindly took time out from her busy schedule to sit down and discuss the influences that led to this career, as well as her cooking school, ever-changing menus at her restaurant, La Olla, and experiences in helping to bring the cuisine of Oaxaca to Canada. read more

Our beloved Oaxaca, now on US and Canadian Do Not Visit list Maggie Van Ostrand

Is no one thinking of the ordinary people of Oaxaca and how this event is causing distress and loss of income? read more

Traveling light to Oaxaca? Alvin Starkman

Every visitor to the city of Oaxaca has the potential to make a significant contribution. read more

Headin' South: Cuernavaca to Oaxaca Discussion Thread Forum

January 22nd … Adios Cuernavaca…Hola Oaxaca. Not sure how long it would take us to get to Oaxaca, we took off about 7 AM north out of Cuernavaca on Hwy 95D towards Mexico City and shortly thereafter turned south on Hwy 115D (which became 160 at Cuatla) towards Cuatla and Izucar de Matamoros. Although it looked longer on the map than continuing south from Izucar, the plan was to get as soon as possible to the Autopista for Puebla and then go south to Oaxaca on toll roads all the way. Although expensive, toll roads are the way to go as far as I'm concerned.

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July in Oaxaca: The Mexican pageantry of the Guelaguetza Alvin Starkman

Tehuana women in their elaborate traditional dress. © Oscar Encines, 2008
With pageantry unrivalled in all of Mexico, the Guelaguetza is the most colorful and exhilarating of the multitude of festivals in Oaxaca. And in a state with sixteen different indigenous cultures, each with its own unique traditions including language, food, music, dress and dance, it should come as no surprise that the annual two-week July extravaganza draws both Mexican nationals and tourists from all corners of the globe. read more

Oaxaca to Guadalajara: The good.. the bad.. & the ugly Discussion Thread Forum

After getting set up to stay in Oaxaca for a while I decided last week to make a quick trip to Guadalajara and Ajijic to pick up some stuff I left there in storage and haul it down to Oaxaca. I had to drive, as I needed my truck to haul the stuff. I had planned to travel alone but at the last minute a young Mexican lady who lives in Mexico D.F. but had been spending Semana Santa in Oaxaca decided to ride with me as far as D.F. read more

The Oaxaca Lending Library and Community Center Alvin Starkman

The Oaxaca Lending Library (OLL) has been in existence for over 40 years, and is one of the largest English language libraries in all of Mexico. Over the past decade it has grown into a vibrant community center, in large part due to the dedication of its many volunteers. read more

Market day in Ocotlan, Oaxaca: Gourmet grazing in Southern Mexico Karen Hursh Graber

Bricks of rich Mexican chocolate are flavored with coconut from Pacific shores. Aromatic herbs are displayed in beautifully arranged baskets, their scent alone whetting the appetite. Sweet local honey is offered for tasting on slices of waxy, pale yellow yams. No, this is not a high-end gourmet emporium or a trendy organic supermarket. This is Ocotlán, a Oaxaca town where the ingredients sold on market day present a dazzling array of color, flavor, aroma and texture. read more

Bring it with you when you come: Susan Trilling in Oaxaca Stan Gotlieb

Susana Trilling
In more than five years as an expatriate living in Oaxaca, I have forgotten much, learned a little, and been more amazed than bored. One of the things I think I have learned is that for most of us here in Paradise, what we get out of it depends a lot on what we bring with us. read more

Driving from Guadalajara to Oaxaca Allan Cogan

My guide book tells me that it's exactly 1,000 kilometers from Guadalajara to Oaxaca. That's about 660 miles. I know of people who say they've driven the distance in one day and I have to concede that it's possible. The only way you can do it is to take toll roads the whole way, start at the crack of dawn and drive like hell. The other thing you have to do is drive through Mexico City. read more

Case study from Oaxaca, Mexico: Am I paying my staff too much? Alvin Starkman

Day of The Dead is upon us in Oaxaca, and Juanita's hotel still has rooms available for one of the busiest times of the year. The City of Oaxaca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Southern Mexico, relies on tourism for its very existence. Juanita is trying to figure out where she went wrong, realizing that Día de Los Muertos should top up her bank balance, just like the Christmas season, the summertime festival weeks known as Guelaguetza, and Easter. Time and again she asks herself, "Am I paying my staff too much?" read more

Mexico's Mezcal Monkey: collectible ceramic folk art from Oaxaca Alvin Starkman

A hot collector's item, the ceramic mezcal monkey is designed to hold mescal, the spirit distilled from the baked, then fermented agave plant.
© Alvin Starkman, 2010
Designed to hold mescal, the Chango Mezcalero has become a very collectible folk art item whose history has been recounted infrequently, if at all. While by all accounts it originated in the State of Oaxaca, home of mezcal — the spirit distilled from the baked, then fermented agave plant — it's now highly sought after by collectors residing much further abroad.

The traditional Mezcal Monkey was used to hold, display and/or gift mezcal. The clay bottle is just that, usually with a stopper made of cork, or a small piece of corn cob. read more

Touring Oaxaca's Art Galleries Alvin Starkman

Many travelers to Oaxaca simply don't have the time, patience or inclination to seriously tour the city's multitude of small storefront art galleries replete with wonderfully unique and provocative offerings. It's understandable, given the number of culturally rich and diverse sites to be taken in over the course of a brief vacation.

read more

Authentic Mexican cuisine at Oaxaca's La Casa de los Sabores cooking school Alvin Starkman

"Remember in the market I told you there were two types of gusano worm? Here they are, so who wants to try?" Oaxaca's unique gastronomy is rich in unique herb- and spice-accented flavor combinations that are its hallmark. Chef extraordinaire Pilar Cabrera inspires and sates travelers with a sensual day-long immersion into sights, sounds, smells and, yes, tastes and time-tested recipes of southern Mexico. read more

Link to clickable interactive map of Oaxaca state, Mexico Tony Burton

Clickable interactive map of Oaxaca state, Mexico: Oaxaca city, Puerto Escondido, Puerto Angel read more

Central Valley of Oaxaca: Oaxaca city, Monte Alban Tony Burton

Clickable interactive map of Central Valley of Oaxaca, Mexico: Oaxaca city, Monte Alban read more

Sequoia Park or Oaxaca, there's no place like home Stan Gotlieb

Of course we miss the Zocalo, and the more active social life in Oaxaca, but there are things we don't miss so much. It's different. read more
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