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Regional Cuisines Of Guerrero: From Beaches to Mountains Karen Hursh Graber

This seems like a good time of year to talk about the culinary specialties of Guerrero, the Mexican state whose coastline is home to some of the country's most popular winter resorts, including Acapulc... read more
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Tienda del las dos estufas Alex Vinson

My suegra (mother-in-law) decided that she wanted to sell vegetables from her front porch in rural Guerrero. I asked her how much profit she would like to make and we would work the numbers back... read more

Romantic Weddings South Of The Border Eleanor S. Morris

What could be more romantic than having both your wedding and your honeymoon at a beautiful destination? And getting married south of the Border is easily done, as you will see. Here are Mexico's... read more

Playa Azul: Life, currents and a Mexican amigo Bill Bell

Adriano is a sixteen-year-old surfer who helps his mother run one of the many small beachside palapas in the resort community of Playa Azul, north of Ixtapa. You won't read about Playa Azul in most ... read more

The Oaxaca Newsletter volume 5, No. 14: August 15, 2000 Stan Gotlieb

Five years ago, the Cuota (toll road) from Mexico City to Oaxaca was opened. In effect, the Cuota cut the distance between Mexico and Oaxaca in half. Trips that used to take ten hours on the hazardous, twisting, and often potholed road through Huajuapan de Leon, now can be completed in five on a relatively straight, level, smooth roadway. The result was inevitable, although most of us down here in our sleepy little village failed to understand the forces at work until they became manifest in the last couple of years.

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Playa Azul and Caleta de Campos: Exceptional beaches in Michoacan Mary Kundzins

In a country filled with wonderful beaches and resorts, what could possibly prompt someone to visit Playa Azul? Perhaps because it's there - representing the only sizeable beach town along the 250km o... read more

Uruapan: The real Mexico jennifer j. rose

They call it "the place where the flowers bloom," this steamy edge of subtropical landscape, as rich in history as it is in surprise and beauty where superlatives and contrasts abound.

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The incredible growth of Cancun, Mexico's leading tourist resort Richard Rhoda and Tony Burton

Relax in a beach chair in the shade of a thatch-roofed palapa and enjoy Cancun's exceptional beaches.
Mexico’s mass tourism industry in the past forty years has been dominated by large-scale, purpose-built developments partially funded by federal funds. In 1967, responding to bullish predictions of US demand for beach vacations, Mexico’s central bank identified the five best places for completely new, purpose-built tourist resorts. Top of the list, as part of a 30-year plan, was the uninhabited barrier island now known as Cancún. read more

Sports enthusiasts get hooked on fishing in Mexico

Every great fisherman has a story about the "one that got away." A memorable "get away" to Mexico will hook more than a few fish tales with some of the best fishing in the world. The Baja Peninsula Lo... read more

Hidden time revisited: Puerto Escondido Bill Begalke

To annotated Photo Strip 191 (Each image below clicks to an annotated enlargement.) ... read more

A date with the shady lady on Acapulco Wendy Devlin

Valentine's Day brought me face-to-face with the shady 'lady' hidden in Acapulco. Not only did I meet the 'lady'; I was mistaken for her! Acapulco is one of Mexico's oldest coastal tourist destination... read more

Charreada in Guadalajara Wendy Devlin

Introduction to the Series Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 In rural Canada, I live close to the land and to a farming lifestyle that was once traditional. Therefore, when I’m in Mexico th... read more

Mexican bus travel (in all its adventure and glory) Ron Mader

Bus travel in Mexico is among the finest in the world. Bus stations, called centrales camioneras, are comparable to European train depots. The quality and frequency of Mexican buses will delight any tr... read more

Sites that are redrawing the map of Mexico Ron Mader

In its promotion of destinations in Mexico, Sectur, the country's tourism secretariat, heralds the "endless opportunities" for exploration, but travelers may end up frustrated by the lack of good maps.... read more

On the road to becoming an authentic "poblano" Stephanie Seacord

IF YOU GO HOTELS RESTAURANTS IN THE HISTORIC DISTRICT Located 60 km southeast of Mexico City ­ about an hour and a half drive up a windin... read more

Manzanillo: Bustling port? Quiet resort? Or both? Susan Dearing

Manzanillo. Most people can't pronounce it, have no idea where it is, don't know what the city has to offer, and can't figure out how to get there. Manzanillo (pronounced mahn-san- nee-yoh), is ... read more

A Zihuatanejo Snorkeling Adventure Jen Garland

A ZIHUATANEJO SNORKELING ADVENTURE Sweat dripped down into a little pool at my stomach, which had been enjoying too many chilaquile breakfasts. The stifling heat and humidity of Zihuatanejo ha... read more

In Tecolutla, Veracruz: just like Bogie and Bacall Rhonda Tranks

The small fishing town of Tecolutla straddles the Gulf of Mexico and the Rio Tecolutla in the northern part of Veracruz State. Apart from school vacations and the annual fishing tournament nothing much... read more

Did You Know? Puerto Vallarta in Mexico will become an island and float away Tony Burton

Literary-minded travel writers describing Puerto Vallarta as an "island of tourist delights" probably don't realize that their words are closer to the truth than they might imagine. At present, Puerto ... read more

Easy living in Mazatlan, the Pearl of the Pacific Thom McDonald

Mazatlán, (pronounced “maz-it-LAWN”, with the stress on the last syllable), means “place of the deer” in the Nahuatl (Aztec) language,. It is a city of around half a million people, located on a long, flat stretch of the Pacific coast of Mexico, just to the south of the Tropic of Cancer and due east of the tip of the Baja peninsula. It is here that the cool waters of the deep Pacific meet those of the warm, shallow Gulf of California. You might think of Mazatlán as having one foot in the tropics and the other in the dryer, dessert climate to the north.

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Drugs, rebellion, and Mexico's militarization Joe Cummings

Long-time travelers to Mexico will have noticed an increase in the presence of Mexican military units around the country, particularly roadblock inspection squads purportedly searching for drugs and we... read more

Keeping in touch from Mexico Dean & Yoly Hughson

(The rates quoted in this article are as of August 1998) When I first started traveling in Mexico in the '60s, it was truly like going back in time. If you wanted to place a call back to the States or... read more

I Love Mexico And A Mexican Dean & Yoly Hughson

My love for Mexico began at age 18. My first trip to Mexico was in the company of my grandmother and mother whom I drove down to visit my uncle who was a US Border Patrolman. I had never been in Texas ... read more

Mexico by the book Reviewed by Daniel C. Schechter

From Taxco to Cacaxtla, Oaxaca to Xalapa, Huamantla to the Tuxtlas -- for those who love travel, Mexico offers a virtually endless succession of places to visit, and with sun-splashed beaches, spectacu... read more

Oceano Pacifico Larry Landwehr

Last Monday Mary and I decided to take a vacation in the Mexican coastal town of Puerto Vallarta. Two years ago, shortly after Mary and I first met, Mary had flown to Vallarta to vacation with her long... read more

Manzanillo, Colima

Several destinations on Mexico’s central Pacific coast are now well known to tourists looking for fantasy honeymoons and vacations straight out of travel agency brochures. Puerto Vallarta to the nort... read more
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