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Mexico's endless Pacific beach: sun, surf, sand, seafood and solitude Gerry Soroka

There's more to the Mexico seashore than skimboards, seafood and sun-bathing bronzed bodies: there is solitude. There are vast stretches of uninhabited or unfrequented beaches lounging serenely beside a roiling sea that stretches westward seemingly into infinity. read more

Tehuantepec: Hold on to your sombrero Gerry Soroka

Wind farms in Tehuantepec, Mexico
The tehuano endlessly blows where North America stops. The tehuano, the unforgiving forever wind of the Isthmus of Tehauntepec, ceaselessly scours a path through the wide gap where the continent of North America ends and Central America starts. This narrow neck of land joining the Atlantic to the Pacific — once a candidate along with Panama for a deep sea canal — is about 35 miles from north to south. read more

Skimboard kids on a Mexico beach Gerry Soroka

When it's winter up north, the skimboarding season is in full stride along the Pacific Coast beaches of Mexico. This is when the best talent goes head-to-head to determine ultimately who will make it t... read more

Free riding the roads of Mexico Gerry Soroka

Road signs in Mexico.
© Bill Begalke, 2000

Mexico has one of the most extensive highway systems anywhere, providing convenient and indispensable connections among villages, towns and cities.

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Good morning, Melaque: one day in a small Mexico beach town Gerry Soroka

For the past number of years during our months of Mexico we have been traveling to Melaque-San Patricio-Obregon, a former fishing village on the Pacific coast about five hours by bus south of Puerto Vallarta. Known collectively as Melaque, the Mexico beach community is stable now at about 8,000 persons, and flourishes during December-March upon the arrival of several hundred tourists who pop up in the streets like alabaster mushrooms in a rain-stirred meadow. read more

Mazatlan: Tequila, tans and working stiffs Gerry Soroka

There are different views of Mexico, as diverse as the numbers of observers.

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Alamos: Still a boom to bust town, but with everlasting charm Gerry Soroka

There is magic in the wind and change in the air. The historic pueblo of Alamos, Sonora, like most Mexican silver towns, has descended to bust from boom more than once in its fitful existence. As long-suffering as a campesino, the community nevertheless has survived those roller coaster read more

Border disorder: passages into Mexico Gerry Soroka

I tell my friends that the only thing I have had stolen by Mexicans was my unwavering fealty to Canada: I have even considered living fulltime in Mexico. We are approaching the border crossing about half a mile off. There are no distinctive read more

Nogales, here we come Gerry Soroka

It is more than Mexico's constant sun and the bewitching landscape that entrance us. It is the people. October is revival month. We are at the tag end of six months in Canada the province of British C... read more
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