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Shawls for all seasons, rebozos for all reasons Carron Harlan

We sit crushed together, moist and miserable, in the back of the battered old VW van as we do every day about this time. Interesting odors assail our noses. We would rather not know what it is we are s... read more

Dancing with the Maya: Una fiestita in Copoya Carron Harlan

You would think that by now, well into my third year of living in Chiapas, I would have learned that familiar U.S. customs — especially ones which make me feel as though I have slipped into a comfor... read more

All's well in Copoya: Village life in modern Mexico Carron Harlan

I have spent the early morning hours of this cool, beautiful summer morning surfing the Internet for international news and letters from friends in distant places. With my laptop clicking and whirring ... read more

Midnight on the Isthmus: Returning home to Chiapas from Oaxaca Carron Harlan

After an exciting week visiting a close friend, meeting new ones, and immersing myself fully in the rich cultural experience that is Oaxaca, I was headed home to celebrate Christmas with my family and ... read more

A tourist's guide to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas: Three days of sightseeing Carron Harlan

By now, I’m assuming you are finally here, settled into your hotel, refreshed and unpacked. Let’s begin our tour right away, because it will actually take more than three days to see and enjoy ever... read more

A tourist's guide to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas: What, how and where? Carron Harlan

Now that you've decided to visit Tuxtla Gutierrex, let me give you some information about the climate here and what type of clothing you will need to pack for your visit. The city of T... read more

A tourist's guide to Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas: A busy capital Carron Harlan

Sometimes, due to business commitments or transportation snags, we find ourselves in a not-planned-for place. Tuxtla Gutierrez is thought of by many as such place. Indeed, most travelers in Mexico go ... read more

Vistas de Copoya, Chiapas Carron Harlan

The day starts early here in Copoya. Hours before a bright pink sun rises over the eastern mountain, the roosters, pigs, and braying burros compete noisily with horn blowing little colect... read more
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