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Update On Economic Development In The Yucatan Fall 2002 Gus Gordon

It has been several years since I last wrote about the business climate in the Yucatan. Many changes have taken place in Mexico and the Yucatan since then. First, there was the historic election i... read more

Merida, 1997: trade opportunities Gus Gordon

Merida, Yucatan..I returned to Merida in July, 1997 to follow up on my contacts I had made last year while on my grant to facilitate trade between the Yucatan and the state of Mississippi. ( See pr... read more

Yucatan World Class Labor At $3.00 USD Per Day Gus Gordon

Yucatan, Mexico -- My explore the Yucatan to discover business opportunities for trade, manufacturing, and joint ventures. I was to be the liaison between the Harrison County Economic Deve... read more
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