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El Colibri - The Hummingbird Cat Gonzales

We lie in bed listening to the tympani of rain on the tile roof and burrowing into each other's warmth. My neighbors weren't home when Jaime came to visit, so no one saw him. read more

Where angels fear to tread: an interview with Silvia Flores Cat Gonzales

This morning Nurse Practitioner Silvia Flores Gonzalez is a little tired, having gotten up at 4:00 am to deliver a baby. The young mother knocked on the door of "El Centro de Desarrollo para Mujeres" i... read more

Ajijic's Favorite Landscaped Gardens Cat Gonzales

  A gated entrance to this garden follows the principles of Feng Shui, inviting you to enter gracefully into the "house of water" - the area corresponding to an easy flow of life as prescribed by F... read more

Coyote's laughter Cat Gonzales

On a starry June night in San Martin Obispo, the myriad odors of the countryside float on the air. Slightly menacing is the smell of the fire on the rocky hillside above my house, where slash and burn ... read more

Honor, vengeance and machismo Cat Gonzales

Bitter are the fruits they eat in Michoacán, black oval fruits the size of an olive, borne in the summer on the capelin tree. Bitter is the story told to me in a mountain pueblo in the northeast corne... read more

Day of the Dead in Mexico: A personal perspective Cat Gonzales

This article is provided by the Chapala Review a monthly Newspaper published in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. The focus is the Lake Chapala area. The goal is to provide quality information about the area, i... read more

Faith: The heart of Mexican fiestas Cat Gonzales

The Calendario de las Ferias y Festividades Religiosas de Mexico is a guide to enjoying what is uniquely Mexican -- Folk Catholicism which evolved in the last four centuries. Fairs are included ... read more

Masks and feather headdresses: Mexicans celebrate danzas Cat Gonzales

Mexicans love to wear masks, to dance and make music in a blazing display of fireworks, feasting and shooting off pistols. Appearances are deceptive; even the poorest pueblo collects money to celebrate... read more

Dog with a human mask: The ceramic dogs from Colima Cat Gonzales

Mexicans love wearing masks. My favorite is a statue of a dog wearing a human mask created about 300 A.D, and found near Colima. Masks are part of the Christmas pastorelas, depicting the devil, ... read more

Zapotec weavers unwelcome in Ajijic Cat Gonzales

When the Zapotec weaver Gaspar Chavez drove more than 1000 kilometers from Teotitlan del Valle in Oaxca to return to the Ajijic area he had an unpleasant surprise. He set up his handwoven wool rugs han... read more

Watching Pablo sleep Cat Gonzales

It's midmorning in Sta. Lucia and Claire lies on Pablo's right side watching him sleep. He can't go to sleep unless she watches. This is his belief, and his beliefs infect her, fester like splinters un... read more

Santiago's funeral Cat Gonzales

At ten in the morning the day was already hot enough to dry the tears on my face as I walked into San Juan Cosala to attend little Santiago's funeral. His teacher and his six-year-old school friends fi... read more

Lucky thing: Two Mexican couples Cat Gonzales

Thirty minutes away from the Guadalajara airport, but seemingly hundreds of years distant in time, in Lake Chapala sits the island of Mezcala whose ruins date from the early 19th century. The cobbled r... read more

Your own celebration of the Day of the Dead Cat Gonzales

A few months ago I received an email request from a small town in Texas. The writer Ray and his fiance wanted my guidance in celebrating the Day of the Dead. My answer was - celebrate it in your own wa... read more

Celebrating the Days of the Dead: The Heart Speaks Clearly in Michoacán Cat Gonzales

The Days of the Dead, celebrated throughout Mexico, coincide with the Christian All Souls and All Saints days, November 1 and 2nd. People who have died in the past year are remembered, their pictures p... read more
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