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The Zuno house in Guadalajara, Mexico is doubly 'historic' Ed Fesler

The venerable old Zuno residence is a historic house in its own right but was designed to teach Mexican history. So it's doubly "historic." It stands at Avenida Union and J. Guadalupe Zuno and was built in the early 1920s. The house was designed for and by artist-politician Jose Guadalupe Zuno, whose paintings are still hung in museums. He was assisted with designs and suggestions from three old pals, all prominent artists, David Siqueiros, muralist, Gerardo Murillo ("Dr. Atl"), said by many to be the father of modern Mexican art, and Amado de la Cueva. read more

Cities beneath our feet Ed Fesler

Poking around an archaeological site that's still being dug out is fun. It was my first experience. Five friends and I had the further pleasure of having it all to ourselves while we were there. Work h... read more

Zoning Laws And Peacocks Ed Fesler

Question: Can you hear a peacock's screech over the roar of city buses? Answer: Yes. Question: What's a peacock doing in city traffic? Answer: No zoning laws keep... read more

Prodeur - Preserving The Heritage Ed Fesler

Visitors - even those who come regularly - will always find something they haven't seen before by taking long strolls in Guadalajara's mansion area. Hungry? That's where the best restaurants are. ... read more

Friends You Make On The Corner Ed Fesler

"Ya gotta start working early," five-month old Pita would tell you if she could talk. "Take my brother, Chavita, he started working when he was only one month old." It's true. Two years ago Chavita - n... read more

Roustabouts For Hire Ed Fesler

It was like following three battleships. The shoppers rolled away like bow waves before the three "cargadores" who churned toward them with two hundred pounds of produce on each of their hand ca... read more

A Response To The Documentary Sicko Ed Fesler

Hi, Mike. Sicko is great but why did you forget Mexico? Uncle Sam wouldn't be giving you trouble on your return stateside, not like going to Cuba. And the Mexicans have been fi... read more

Wow, what a dance that was! Or que bailazo! Ed Fesler

"The Twenty-Two Music Professors" squared off against "The "Heavy Metal Charros," (Heavy Metal Cowboys) separated only by the four lanes of a major cross street. Batteries of powerful lights turned an ... read more

Finding and remodeling a "fixer-upper" home in Mexico Ed Fesler

"Inventory of housing" were words I didn't understand very well - until a friend from the U.S. asked me to find him an inexpensive old "fixer-upper" in this colonial city. He's an environmentalist so I... read more

Church spires guide us through Guadalajara Ed Fesler

We were snapping wedding photos in the atrium of the church - that's the big square in front of old Mexican churches where the Indians gathered to hear Mass - when the "next" bride and her wedding part... read more

My outdoor secretary Ed Fesler

I hadn't realized how much help an escribano might be. An escribano - sometimes called evangelista - is one of those fellows who works at a typewriter under the downtown arches. An... read more

Why I love to dance Mexican style Ed Fesler

The Mexicans can’t dance my legs off, I’ll tell you that — oh, well, in the “barrios” they can, but there the dancing is more like Olympic gymnastics. If you’re just going out in the... read more

Guadalajara street scene Ed Fesler

Right behind Hospicio Cabañas, at the south-east corner of that building, you abruptly run into a rabbit warren of narrow streets, dilapidated adobe buildings, lots of old cars and poorly dress... read more
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