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Climbing volcanoes in Mexico Richard Ferguson

Climbers from the US and Canada looking for a new experience, and more altitude than they can find in the lower 48 states, can fly to Mexico City, and set a personal altitude record on the Mexican Volcanoes. This is a good warm-up trip for an attempt on a 20,000 ft peak in Alaska or South America. As a climber and a long-time fan of Mexico, here is my advice on climbing the Mexican volcanoes. read more

Mexico City Airport Richard Ferguson

The Mexico City airport is the gateway to Mexico City and Central Mexico. The Mexico City airport is also the airline hub for the entire country. If you are flying to a destination in Mexico not served by direct flights from the USA, you will probably change planes in Mexico City. More than 20 million passengers per year pass through this major airport, making it the busiest in Latin America. read more

Short-term cell phone in Mexico for only $14 US Richard Ferguson

Have you ever wanted a cell phone in Mexico, but did not want to pay big money for the privilege? Even if your current cell phone company would arrange for your phone calls to your stateside cell phone number to ring your cell phone in Mexico, would you want to pay international long distance charges on every local call that you make or receive? Do you want to be able to save money on phone calls to the USA? read more

San Juan de Los Lagos: The Virgin, her basilica, her pilgrims, and their exvotos Richard Ferguson

Exvotos are both very public and extremely personal -- like "thank you notes to God."

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A Shrine To Santa Lucia Richard Ferguson

St. Lucia is the patron saint of eyes. The story is told that she was very beautiful, and had many suitors. One of them said that he had fallen uncontrollably in love with her eyes. She... read more

Catemaco and Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz: almost paradise Richard Ferguson

The arch at the entrance to the city of Catemaco says "Escape to Paradise!"  Catemaco is both a town and a lake in the region known as Los Tuxtlas, in southern Veracruz state. The area is very green and wet, much of it covered by jungle. The Gulf of Mexico is nearby, and the area includes a biosphere preserve. The region is known for ecotourism.

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Exvotos To St. Francis Of Assisi Richard Ferguson

The pictures here were taken in the church in the old mining town of Real de Catorce, in San Luis Potosi.  There is a side room of the church dedicated to exvotos. 

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La Paz, Baja California Sur Richard Ferguson

La Paz is a pleasant, tranquil Mexican city that happens to be on the water. Although tourism is an important local industry, it is not a resort. read more

Church Of Our Lord Of Villaseca Richard Ferguson

Cata, Guanajuato This is part of one wall of the church in Cata, near the town of Guanajuato.  When I visited in 1996, the walls were completely covered with exvotos to a height o... read more

Traveler's Guide To Mexican Camping - A Review Reviewed by Richard Ferguson

As far as I can tell, there is only one campground guide for Mexico, and this is it.  Luckily, it is a good one, recently revised in 2001.

I have seen one other book on camping in Mexico, but it did not have information on specific campgrounds.  We used this book for a recent RV trip and found it useful and accurate.

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All About Buses In Mexico - 2006 Update Richard Ferguson

Buses in Mexico are an excellent alternative to expensive rental cars, and are one of the best bargains around. You will see the country, and get an opportunity to chat with some nice people. Mexican b... read more

Instituto Allende: Study Spanish language and Art in San Miguel de Allende Richard Ferguson

The Instituto Allende is a Spanish language and Art school in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.  I recently attended sculpture classes there, and found it enjoyable and worthwhile. Classes o... read more

The museums of Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque Richard Ferguson

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico. Many of the galleries of Guadalajara and Tlaquepaque can be considered museums in their own right. read more

All About Buses In Mexico Richard Ferguson

Buses in Mexico are an excellent alternative to expensive rental cars, and are one of the best bargains around. You will see the country, and get an opportunity to chat with some nice people. Mexican b... read more

Paquime: Casas Grandes, Chihuahua Richard Ferguson

Paquimé, sometimes called Casas Grandes, is probably the most important ruin in Northern Mexico. It was the center of trade and activity for a large area during it's peak. The period of maximum const... read more

Exvotos: Folk art and expressions of faith in Mexico Richard Ferguson

In Mexico, an exvoto is most commonly a personal thank you note to God. read more
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