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Idioma Idiota, Or ... I Was A Spanish School Dropout Sally Davis Ellwein

I used to believe that I was one of those people who had a knack for learning languages. I must have picked up this idea from my mother when one day during my formative years, I overheard her saying "S... read more

Superama Mama Sally Davis Ellwein

When hosteling my way through Europe in my early-twenties, I made daily visits to the local shops for crucial supplies: baguettes, cheese, fruits, nutella, and wine. In those days, I was willing to sto... read more

Propina, Por Favor Sally Davis Ellwein

November 12 is "Dia del Cartero" here in Mexico. According to the pre-printed envelope that my mail carrier slipped under my apartment door, I am supposed to show my appreciation for his work by... read more
Showing 1—3 of 3 results.
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