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Patrick Dennis, art lover Maria Elena

Patrick Dennis found me in Sullivan Park, just behind El Monumento de la Madre in Mexico City, one fine Sunday, and changed my life. His buddy, Nina Olds, Gore Vidal's mother, and my mother's buddy an... read more

El Panteon: Cuernavaca's new cemetery Maria Elena

In Cuernavaca, on the top of a hilly barranca, parallel to Calle Morelos on its way out of town, lies a beautiful new cemetery. A Panteon, already lush with bougainvillea and shrubbery loving... read more

Essential plants in the Mexican household: Limon, papaya and sabila Maria Elena

Copyright © 2000 by Maria Elena. All Rights Reserved Worldwide.   There are three plants that are an essential part of the Mexican household, limon [lime, not lemon], papaya, and the trus... read more
Showing 1—4 of 4 results.
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