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Orchids of Mexico Luis Dumois

There are an estimated 30,000 orchid species in nature, making them the most extense floral plant family on Earth. There are specimens as big as a tree, and miniatures with flowers as small as a pin head. A family so vast and diverse understands more about exceptions than about rules. Nevertheless, a quality more than any other defines the orchid: the fusion of the feminine portion of the flower - pistils - with the masculine, - stamens. Orchids have three pistils and three stamens, but they differ from other flowers, which present these elements as separate units, in that orchids have them fusioned into one structure called column or gynostemium, located in the center of the labelum, that usually showy and colored lip we admire in the flower. read more

Our Lady of Guadalupe Luis Dumois

Virgin of Guadalupe - Tree of Life sculptures by Juan Hernández Arzaluz of Metepec.
Our Lady of Guadalupe has accompanied us in war and peace, in joy and grief, in life and death. She was the standard for Hidalgo and Morelos armies. She has been invoked and sought by us in times of despair and destruction, in times of serenity and reconstruction, then and now, as She will be tomorrow. I know that I can be a perfect Catholic and still not believe in Her. But I don't see how can anyone consider herself or himself truly a Mexican without trusting in the Lady from Heaven, Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. read more

La Caridad Empieza En Casa Luis Dumois

( In English: Charity Begins At Home) Por: Ing. Luis Dumois Hace unas semanas, el mundo se estremeció con las noticias provenientes de Acteal, Chiapas. Más de cuarenta personas, mujeres y niño... read more

The Maya Civilization, Maya Numerals And Calendar Luis Dumois

Mayan Numeric System Ancient Maya discovered two fundamental ideas in mathematics: positional value and the concept of zero. This feat was accomplished by only one other great culture of antiquity, th... read more

Mexican punctuality Luis Dumois

Many years ago, on one of my first trips to the United States, I had the opportunity to attend to a rather formal party, organized in honor of one of the local personalities at the small, charming Midw... read more

The mariachi Luis Dumois

Each year here in Guadalajara, we host an international mariachi meeting, with a musical festival and all of the rest included. Mariachis from all over the world come to celebrate the occasion every year. I've even had the opportunity to listen, believe it or not, to Japanese mariachis! read more

La Civilización Maya Conflicto Histórico Parte 1 Luis Dumois

No hay verdad en las palabras de los extranjeros. Chilam Balam de Chumayel Las noticias nos llegan todos los días. Denuncias de movimientos del ejército mexicano en Chiapas; pronunciamie... read more

The Maya Civilization: Historical Conflict with the Spaniards Luis Dumois

The Maya Civilization Historical Conflict Part 2   (To Part 1) "Just because of the crazy times, because of the crazy priests, is it that sadness overtook us, that 'Christianity' o... read more

La Civilización Maya: Conflicto Histórico, Parte 2 Luis Dumois

El libro del Chilam Balam de Chumayel es el más importante de los códices o manuscritos propiamente mayas que hasta hoy se conocen. Este libro recoge tradiciones orales de la historia maya; parte de ... read more

La Civilizacion Maya Luis Dumois

Por enésima vez, el carro se había atorado en el camino. ¡Carajo! La cosa estaba mucho peor de lo que habíamos imaginado. Abrí la puerta y me bajé para ver cómo sacarnos del agujero en que habí... read more

The Maya Civilization, references Luis Dumois

REFERENCES De la Garza, Mercedes, y León-Portilla, Miguel, Literatura Maya. Compilación de textos: Popol Vuh, Memorial de Sololá, Libro de Chilam Balam de Chumayel, Rabinal Achí, L... read more

La Civilizacion Maya , Referencias Y Sitios En La Red Mundial Luis Dumois

REFERENCIAS ( Sitios Redes) De la Garza, Mercedes, y León-Portilla, Miguel, Literatura Maya. Compilación de textos: Popol Vuh, Memorial de Sololá, Libro de Chila... read more

The Maya civilization, cities of the Maya Luis Dumois

The material splendor of the Maya culture is appreciated, more than in any other field, in the architecture and ornamentation of their cities. These city-states were the center of power for the king-pr... read more

La Civilización Maya, Numerales y Calendario Mayas Luis Dumois

Numerales y Calendario Mayas   Sistema numérico Los antiguos mayas descubrieron dos ideas fundamentales en matemáticas: el valor posicional y el cero. Sólo otra gran cultura de la antigü... read more

The Mayan Civilization Time Line Luis Dumois

Based on the 'Mystery of the Maya'   OVERVIEW B.C. 1000-1000 Olmec ... read more

Mexico's Christmas posadas, pastorelas and nacimientos Luis Dumois

Las Posadas are fiestas that begin on the 16th and end on the 24th of December. In Mexico, during this period, there are many Posadas every evening.

read more

The Maya civilization: Historical conflict Luis Dumois

There is no truth in the words of foreigners. Chilam Balam of Chumayel The news arrives every day: accusations of menacing maneuvers by the Mexican army in Chiapas, proclamations an... read more

A day at Labna: An ancient Maya city in Yucatan Luis Dumois

For the thousandth time, the automobile was stuck in the road. Damn! Things were much worse than we'd imagined. I opened the car door and stepped down to see how to get us out from the hole in which we... read more

A Jalisco Mexican in Washington, D.C. Luis Dumois

Oh yes, I know this column is called Inside Mexico. But if the archetype of the American writer, Samuel Clemens, wrote and published an account of the adventures of A Connecticut Yankee in King ... read more

The spirit of wine: Exploring Mexican wine Luis Dumois

Wine has been mankind's faithful companion since the dawn of time. The wine walks hand in hand with friendship, warm feelings, joy, nice and fruitful conversation. As Goethe put it, "Wine brings joy to... read more
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