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Alfredo Guati Rojo. Painting With Light - Museo Nacional De Acuarela Charles Dews

"Without watercolors we wouldn´t know nearly what we know about the ancient Mexicans," said the gentleman across the expanse of polished desk with a sweet smile. "All of the codexes were painted... read more

The Family That Carves Together.... Eliseo Castillo, Enedina Castillo Castillo Charles Dews

"Does your husband ever carve nudes," I asked Enedina Castillo Castillo, only half jokingly. She grinned up at me with those wise eyes. "Once he carved a David that looked like the one by Miguel Angel... read more

Xochimilco - Up A Lazy River In Mexico City Charles Dews

Not a river exactly, Xochimilco is a vast system of canals and gardens at the southern extreme of this megalopolis called Mexico City. It was a lake at the time of the Aztecs. They floated rafts on the... read more

Mexico City: Biggest city guide for the savvy traveler Charles Dews

Mexico City can be a safe place to visit, and even live in, for anyone who will use a little common sense and follow our informed lead. David and I have visited this phenomenal burg regularly for nearl... read more

Take me out to the tianguis Charles Dews

We rented our first house in San Miguel on a Wednesday. The street, Indio Triste, was like many in San Miguel--cobbled, narrow, and the walls that surround the houses and gardens are built right up to ... read more

Trotsky's Ghost Charles Dews

I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of the Communist Party (although I did subscribe to the Daily World during the wild and woolly Sixties), but a visit to Leon Trotsky´s house in Coyoacán ha... read more
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