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Tapalpa: Land of colors Wendy Devlin

Tapalpa is an alpine town south of Guadalajara. Surrounded by forests, lakes and streams, Tapalpa beckons visitors to its restful landscape. One winter weekend, as my van snakes up the Sierras, I stare... read more

Laguna Catemaco, Veracruz Wendy Devlin

The lush green volcanic hills of southern Veracruz permitted only glimpses of the approaching Laguna Catemaco. Small islands hid among swirls of soft grey neblina.(fog) They appeared then disappeare... read more

Walking the walk, talking the talk - Colima - sea to Sierra, by Wendy Devlin in Mexico Connect Wendy Devlin

Part 1 Colima - The Sea Six years ago I briefly visited the small state of Colima. With my family, I drove straight through the state without stopping along Colima’s eighty-seven miles of coastline,... read more

Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo - Universal artist from Colima Wendy Devlin

In the half-light I enter the ‘horno’ or oven room. A base of reds frames the pre-Hispanic pieces in the Museum of Alejandro Rangel Hidalgo. It is easy to imagine the fiery origin of the land ... read more

Mexican espectaculos, or rodeo-type shows, a mini-series. the introduction. Wendy Devlin

Series Index How well can a person understand a culture not their own? Can experiences be understood without full command of the Spanish language; a language in which civility is interwoven l... read more

Discover the magic of papelmalecho in Tapalpa Wendy Devlin

"Mexico has colorful folk art traditions," says the diminutive woman in white, pointing to a series of papier mache creations. "Ours are always amiable or nice, like a pleasant dream." Patricia ... read more

Gold trail to Santa María del Oro, Nayarit Wendy Devlin

Gold-colored walls line the main street through Santa María del Oro, Nayarit. Bumping along the cobblestones in our camper-van, we are following in the footsteps of the Spanish conquistadors. In 1504,... read more

History of the piñata Wendy Devlin

Most people think of piñatas as a fun activity for parties. The history of the piñata reveals many interesting facts that go beyond the playing of a game, although piñatas certainly have been intended for fun.

read more

La Hacienda de Nogueras in Comala, Colima Wendy Devlin

La Hacienda de Nogueras is an elegantly restored hacienda hidden in the countryside of Colima. Six miles north of Colima City, it links the region's rich pre-Hispanic past with colonial and modern history. read more

Colima: City of the Palms Wendy Devlin

Palm trees reach towards the sky above the plaza. Water gushes from a swan-shaped fountain. Flowers bloom profusely. A banner above the bandstand declares February a month of 'Love and Friendship' in C... read more

Walking the walk, talking the talk - a series about Mexico Wendy Devlin

"Walking the Walk, Talking the Talk" The Series This series of short stories is based on my travelling experiences since February, l998. The stories attempt to convey what I feel th... read more

Mexican equipales, seated through the ages Zacoalco de Torres Wendy Devlin

Moctezuma ordered his special chair. Pedro Páramo, in Juan Rulfo's award winning novel sat upon one. Both men enjoyed equipales, the rustic leather furniture found everywhere in Mexico. Equipale... read more

Cantinflas, the castillo and ponche in the plaza Wendy Devlin

As the evening mass ended, the huge colonial doors of Santa Maria Magdalena swung open. People swarmed down the church stairs into the plaza. I moved along with the crowd to a wrought iron bench.... read more

The bullfight and Cantinflas Wendy Devlin

A bullfight? I flinched at the thought. Earlier during the week, I'd jumped at my young friend's invitations to enjoy all events at La Fiesta de Virgen de Guadalupe. But now, visions of bloody bulls prompted my swift reply, "No! Gracias." read more

Receiving end of a Mexican rodeo:Recibimiento a las fiestas taurinas Wendy Devlin

Introduction to the Series Part I Part 3 Part 4 Young people paraded through the village plaza, singing and dancing. In large letters against a white background their banne... read more

Charreada in Guadalajara Wendy Devlin

Introduction to the Series Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 In rural Canada, I live close to the land and to a farming lifestyle that was once traditional. Therefore, when I’m in Mexico th... read more

A wee malarkey about Melaque, a beach town on the Mexican Pacific Wendy Devlin

San Patricio/Melaque, on the Pacific Coast of Jalisco draws its name from Saint Patrick. Legend goes that Saint Patrick brought Christianity to Ireland and drove out all the snakes to boot. Locals say ... read more

La Llorona: Mexican-moon-mother? Wendy Devlin

Sooner or later, everyone in Mexico encounters La Llorona, The Woman Who Wails. It is known that stories about La Llorona dated back to the time of the Spanish Conquest of Mexico. Some sa... read more

Our Mexico hotel in Melaque Wendy Devlin

One hour north of Manzanillo, Colima, the Primero Plus gave one final jolt in front of Melaque’s bus station. From air-conditioned comfort, we stepped down into the afternoon warmth. By arriving mid ... read more

Fiesta de Guadalupe in Puerto Vallarta Wendy Devlin

Felipe Avila handed me his burning candle, converting me from spectator to pilgrim in the Fiesta de Guadalupe! My arrival in Puerto Vallarta coincided with the beginning of the weeklong Fiesta de Guad... read more

A dream in Baja California Sur Wendy Devlin

On a surf-pounded beach in Baja California Sur, I sat with my family of five, in a circle of campers around a crackling bonfire. The flickering flames cast each storyteller’s face in turn with a rudd... read more

Mexican machismo and a Canadian tourist Wendy Devlin

“Watch out, Mom!” yelled Rose as the metal hulk of a city bus bore down upon the busy street corner. Hopping instantly back onto the curb, I choked on gasoline fumes while litter swirled in the bus... read more
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