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Diego Rivera's monumental stairway mural in Mexico's National Palace, Mexico City, D.F. (1) Joe Cummings

The center arch of the wall contains the Mexican eagle holding a serpent that showed the end of the Aztecs' migration. Included on the current Mexican flag, the eagle also represents a resurgent Mexico... read more

Francisco "Pancho" Villa Joe Cummings

History of Mexico: time-line overview resource page. Born Doroteo Arango in San Juan del Río, Durango, in 1877 (1879 according to some sources), the man most of the world knew as Pancho Villa spent... read more

Sweet And Sour Times On The Border Joe Cummings

Less than 500 metres south of the U.S. border, in front of a ochre-stuccoed shopfront signed 'Café Nueva Asia', a technicolor banner of the Virgin of Guadalupe hangs side by side with a red paper lamp... read more

A return to the city: How Mexico seduces Joe Cummings

I recently returned from three weeks in North America’s highest and oldest capital— La Ciudad de México, La Capital, el Distrito Federal, or simply “ De Efe” for short—researching Mo... read more

All saints adrift in Todos Santos Joe Cummings

Todos Santos is a place people disappear to. Something about the layout -- the way the single two-lane highway through town can take in casual visitors at one end and dispense with them at the other en... read more

Cabo to Cabo Joe Cummings

On my last visit to Cabo San Lucas in 1997, the city had installed its second traffic light four months ago. It stands on the northwestern outskirts of town, where Mexico Hwy. 19 begins its winding jou... read more

Diego, Frida and the Mexican School Joe Cummings

Awarded June, 1999 Mexico City in the 1920s stood on the threshold of a new era. Although the country had won its independence from Spain in 1821, it became o... read more

Drugs, rebellion, and Mexico's militarization Joe Cummings

Long-time travelers to Mexico will have noticed an increase in the presence of Mexican military units around the country, particularly roadblock inspection squads purportedly searching for drugs and we... read more
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