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The Festival Internacional Cervantino in Guanajuato Ana Cervantes

Guanajuato is, and has been for a long time, a centre of culture and education. In one way or another, it has always been prosperous, either through the richness of its farmland or its mines. There was... read more

Guanajuato's sonic landscape Ana Cervantes

Sometime during my first month in Guanajuato, the idea floated into my head of writing an article about the sonic landscape of the city. This of course includes a great deal of music, since it resounds... read more

Life and music in Guanajuato Ana Cervantes

The city of Guanajuato is nestled in a sort of steep basin in the Sierra Madre Mountains and spreads up around the center of the basin. Imagine a huge, terraced rice paddy such as we've seen in photos ... read more
Showing 1—3 of 3 results.
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