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Law on Passport Applications for Minors (U.S.A.) jennifer j. rose

Under this new law, a person applying for a U.S. passport for a child under 14 must demonstrate that both parents consent to the issuance of a passport to the child or that the applying parent has sole authority to obtain the passport. Passport applications made at domestic U.S. passport agencies in the United States and at U.S. consular offices abroad will both be covered by this law. Exceptions to this requirement may be made in special family circumstances or exigent circumstances necessitating the immediate travel of the child.

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Mexico's Morelia: More than meets the eye jennifer j. rose

Lauded as the most Spanish of Mexican colonial cities, thanks to a century-old historical preservation code requiring all downtown buildings to maintain original facades, Morelia is the most comfortabl... read more

Lodging In And Around Pátzcuaro jennifer j. rose

Gran Hotel Pátzcuaro -->: Plaza Gertrudis Bocanegra No. 6, Centro Historico. Tel (434) 342-0443, 342-3090, 01 (800) 503-3443, fax (434) 342-5908. E-mail: gran.hotel@yahoo.c... read more

Retiring Abroad - Why Not? jennifer j. rose

In the early decades of the century past, my grandfather’s grandfather journeyed to the shores of a distant land called Florida to live out the rest of a life spent on Midwestern prairies. It was ter... read more

Patzcuaro - Recommended Reading Reviewed by jennifer j. rose

PATZCUARO …Recommended reading By jennifer j. rose "The Conquest of Michoacán. The Spanish Domination of the Tarascan Kingdom ... read more

The serene magic of Patzcuaro jennifer j. rose

Few places in the world have the magic of Pátzcuaro. Surely the Purépecha Rey Curateme had to have known that back in 1324 when he founded the town. For many visitors, Pátzcuaro spells the Island o... read more

The Listserv Phenomenon jennifer j. rose

Many listservs and Forums are cybercommunities of distinct personalities rubbing digital elbows. Just as a small town might have its old money patriach, its moral guardian or even a town drunk, standar... read more

Crossing Over: A Mexican Family On The Migrant Trail Reviewed by jennifer j. rose

Great books are the hardest kind to review. There's just too much temptation to toss out the usual lauds and accolades which make for fine back cover blurbs. And then there's the trap of comparison to other great authors and works. CROSSING OVER: A Mexican Family on the Migrant Trail is one of those great books.

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Mexico's a breeze jennifer j. rose

...compared to heading west in a Conestoga read more

Head For Mexico: The Renegade Guide Reviewed by jennifer j. rose

The latest - Don Adams' Head for Mexico: The Renegade Guide stands out from the rest of the herd. Adams, a Texas-born Vietnam vet who whiled away his working years as a truck driver, insurance adjuster and teacher, actually lived full-time in Mexico for more than five years before setting out to write his book. He still lives in Mexico, and he's here for the long haul. And his experience is not limited to a single area or transient accommodations.

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Tzurumutaro, Michoacan: a town at the crossroads jennifer j. rose

The town had been sort of a laughing stock, ignored by outsiders,one of those dusty lonely little burgs where no one seemed particularly interested in much beyond survival. Like sad and decrepit towns ... read more

Uruapan: The real Mexico jennifer j. rose

They call it "the place where the flowers bloom," this steamy edge of subtropical landscape, as rich in history as it is in surprise and beauty where superlatives and contrasts abound.

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Finding joy in daily life in Morelia jennifer j. rose

I always knew I’d end up in Mexico, but I didn’t know where. Mexico City holds world-class fascination, but there’s a reason even the idle rich have second homes elsewhere. Chapala had just too m... read more

Zirahuen, Michoacan: Like Prozac in the air jennifer j. rose

A short kilometer from Santa Clara de Cobre, on the way to Ario de Rosales, a bust of a young Lazaro Cardenas nods toward Zirahuen. "I'm sort of proud of this road, now that it has been improved," I re... read more

Where to stay in Santa Clara del Cobre and Erongaricuaro jennifer j. rose

HACIENDA MARIPOSAS We weren't sure what to expect as we wheeled into Hacienda Mariposa's entrance, greeted by German Shepherds. Of course, we'd visited the website, http://www.haciendamariposas.c... read more

Santa Clara del Cobre and Erongaricuaro: Mexican craft towns on Lake Patzcuaro jennifer j. rose

James Metcalf, Stephen and Maureen Rosenthal and Vasco de Quiroga have a lot in common. Each was a foreigner who came to Michoacan's hills and dales surrounding Lake Patzcuaro, married art with commerc... read more

You Know You Live in Mexico When... jennifer j. rose

Mexico Connect Forum Discussion Threads Posted by jennifer rose on Abril 03, 2000 From another mailing list: You know you live or you've lived in Mexico when........ [Let's add to this list] ... read more

It takes more than "I Do" to marry in Mexico jennifer j. rose

Dreaming of that storybook wedding on a scenic cliff above crashing ocean waves, blessed by a Mexican sunset while mariachis croon? Or amid bougainvillea'd stone arches in a colonial setting? Few place... read more

Live Better South of the Border and Spas and Hot Springs of Mexico Reviewed by jennifer j. rose

Visiting Mexico is one thing. Living here is another. Basking amid sweet breezes and swaying palms, marimba rhythms, strains of Eres Tu, and romantic vistas, the tourist's Mexico is temporary, amid room-serviced luxury or experiential trysts with simple-pleasured paradise. For most of us, neither is an option for a permanent lifestyle. Reality lands, bringing mundane concerns and excess baggage of money, medical care, reliable phone service, the mail, and nearly every other aspect of Peoria as home becomes Mexico.

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Cockfighting in Mexico: Chicken soup for the soul jennifer j. rose

The Sunday Mexican fiesta at Guadalajara's Camino Real promised cockfighting. I should have expected the "cockfight" would amount to a quick display of two cheerfully bored roosters who could have... read more

Mexico's Monte de Piedad - more than household finance jennifer j. rose

The Monte de Piedad, or National Pawnshop, bears little resemblance to the usual perception of the tawdry pawnshop, bordering the bail bondsman's office in a not-so-savory part of town, patronized by t... read more
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