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Bobby Vaughn's homepage: Afro-Mexicans of Costa Chica Bobby Vaughn

Afro-Mexicans of the Costa Chica   The purpose of these web pages is to introduce you to the culture and unique experience of Mexicans of African descent. If you are like most peop... read more

Mexico's Black heritage: the Costa Chica of Guerrero and Oaxaca Bobby Vaughn

The Amuzgo people of Mexico's Costa Chica. Most of the homes in the region were round mud huts, whose roots have been  traced back to what is now Ghana and the Ivory Coast.
© Bobby Vaughn, 2006
The Costa Chica ("Short Coast" in Spanish) is one of two regions in Mexico with significant Black communities, the other being the state of Veracruz on the Gulf coast. The Costa Chica is a 200-mile long coastal region beginning just southeast of Acapulco, Guererrero, and ending near the town of Puerto Angel, Oaxaca. read more

Blacks In Mexico - A Brief Overview Bobby Vaughn

To begin a discussion of the Black Experience in Mexico, it is important to establish the quantitative significance of the black slave population in the colonial era. One of the most frequent responses... read more

Bobby Vaughn's Black Mexico - further reading Bobby Vaughn

This is a list of 17 sources in Spanish and English dealing with black Mexicans from a variety of perspectives. I chose these few sources from a large bibliography that I have been compiling sinc... read more

Bobby Vaughn's Black Mexico - The 29 Largely Afro-Mexican Communities in the Costa Chica Region Bobby Vaughn

(populations based on 1990 census) GUERRERO           ... read more
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