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Where The Butterflies Are Larry Landwehr

Our two friends from AmSoc told Mary and me about going to see the Monarch butterflies. Every year the Monarchs migrate from Canada and the US to their winter home in central Mexico. As they migrate, s... read more

A New Beginning Larry Landwehr

Our final days in Guadalajara were hectic. Not only did we have to arrange to find and hire a moving company, but our FM3 visas were expiring as well. To deal with the FM3s, Mary and I hired an attorne... read more

This And That Larry Landwehr

Sometimes life in Mexico gets so surreal that you think you're living in a theme park. There's this guy who periodically comes around dressed up in an Aztec costume - feathers sprouting from a headdres... read more

A Mexican Picnic Larry Landwehr

Mary had to fly back to the States for the weekend, so I was left on my own. I don’t know if Mary planned it, but Sergio, a Mexican friend that I had met through Mary called to ask if I’d like to g... read more

The Death Of The White Bullet? Larry Landwehr

My car, a 92 Pontiac affectionately christened "The White Bullet" by Harry, may be dead. Mary and I were thinking about moving to the town of Colima. Guadalajara was fun at first, but it is too exp... read more

An Interesting Expat Larry Landwehr

The US Congress, in one of it’s typically stupid moves, granted the right of broadcasting television via satellite with the restriction that no one living outside the borders of the US should be able... read more

Another Adventure With Sam Larry Landwehr

A few days after my foray with Sam into the electronics world of Guadalajara, my car died. It appeared that a wheel bearing was going out and that had affected the brakes. Whatever had happened, I mana... read more

More About Taxes Larry Landwehr

Mary has gone back to the US for a month to take care of some business. I chose to stay at home, here in Mexico. Thank goodness I decided to study Spanish, because I sure need it now ­ the utility bil... read more

Pistacho-ing Around Larry Landwehr

There’s a guy on the road to Tequila that sells the best pistachios I have ever tasted. He sells them from a cart alongside the road near a train crossing. His pistachios are low in moisture and well... read more

Uruapan's Waterpark Larry Landwehr

Mary and I wanted Ann and Ron to see a little bit more of Mexico, so Mary did some research on the Internet and picked out the town of Uruapan as a road trip destination. I don’t think that Ann a... read more

Moroni's House Larry Landwehr

Mary’s friends, Ann and Ron, came from Vancouver to visit with us for ten days. One of the things we did was to visit a Mormon temple. The Mormons had been working on it for over a year, but now it w... read more

Everyday Life In Margaritaville Larry Landwehr

We had intended to have most of our friends and acquaintances be Mexican here in Mexico, but that fell through after Mary got into an argument with the mistress of one of our main contacts. This mistre... read more

La Revolución Larry Landwehr

Last month Mary and I joined the American Society, a group of English speaking expatriates. We joined in order to meet other expats and so that I could attend Spanish classes there. At only $4 per meet... read more

Oceano Pacifico Larry Landwehr

Last Monday Mary and I decided to take a vacation in the Mexican coastal town of Puerto Vallarta. Two years ago, shortly after Mary and I first met, Mary had flown to Vallarta to vacation with her long... read more

The Mexican Medical System Larry Landwehr

After three days of chest pains I finally broke down and called the office of my cardiologist here in Guadalajara (I had a heart attack a few years ago). I called at 2:00 pm on a Monday and tried with ... read more

Driving Larry Landwehr

Driving is very different in Mexico. The only rule is that the bigger vehicle always has the right of way no matter what. Buses in town change lanes when they want, and stop whenever and wherever they ... read more

Investigating Aguascalientes Larry Landwehr

Harry and company are moving to Aguascalientes. They are fed up with Guadalajara, with the high rents, the traffic congestion, and the noise (car horns, stereos, drunks, parties, dogs, and church bells... read more

Mary's Finest Hour Larry Landwehr

When Mary and I first moved to Guadalajara, we tried to get a cable modem installed so that we could access the Internet at a high speed. We signed a contract with Cybercable and gave them a security d... read more

Circling Lake Chapala Larry Landwehr

Today Mary and I set out to drive completely around Lake Chapala, Mexico’s biggest lake. It’s quite an undertaking, about a 180-mile drive. Before hitting the road, we went to “Sanborns” fo... read more

The Glorieta From Hell Larry Landwehr

This morning Mary and I were driving around doing errands. As we negotiated our way through the "Glorieta From Hell" it suddenly occurred to me that a picture of the GFH would be worth a thousand words... read more

The Key To Mexico Larry Landwehr

A lot has happened in the past couple of weeks. The leg, which the doctor used to do the angiogram, got worse instead of better. A raised line appeared that was warm to the touch along with a lot of pa... read more

Dealing With Fear Larry Landwehr

Mary and I were at my dermatologist the day before yesterday when Mary showed the dermatologist a mole on her back that I had spotted. The mole had bothered me because it was irregularly shaped ­ a ba... read more

Machiavelli, Eat Your Heart Out Larry Landwehr

I woke up knowing I wanted to do something and that, of course, meant a road trip. I sat down with a map and realized that Mary and I had covered an awful lot of the area around Guadalajara. I remember... read more

Where The Periferico Ends Larry Landwehr

Mary and I had cabin fever yesterday from sitting around the house, so we decided to check out a lake near the airport that someone had told us about. The idea was to check it out as a possible investm... read more
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