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Camino de Guanajuato Allan Wall

Guanajuato City’s colonial downtown, constructed centuries ago, resembles that of old Spain. In colonial times, the mines here were producing a significant part of the world’s silver production. It was the silver that financed the massive building projects which included churches, and the massive Alhondiga. This latter building, built at the end of the colonial period as a corn storage facility, was soon used as a fort, later served as a prison, and is now a museum. read more

The Zocalo is the heart of Mexico City Allan Wall

Throughout every period of Mexican history, throughout all the changes of regime and government, Mexico City's Zocalo has been at the center of it all, for almost 700 years. read more

Moving millions through Mexico City's Metro Allan Wall

For big cities worldwide, transportation is a major issue. Regular streets, avenues and boulevards may not be sufficient for growing traffic levels, so new streets are constructed, old streets re-route... read more

Chapultepec: Mexico City's urban forest Allan Wall

City parks were not an important part of my life when I was a child. I was raised in the country on a farm which, for all practical purposes, was a park. Growing older, though, I learned to appreciate ... read more

2012: Prophecies of the Maya Calendar Allan Wall

Detail of glyphs and numerals. Detaille de glifos y numeros.

Is it true the world will end in 2012? Is the ancient Maya prophecy true? What exactly is supposed to occur on December 21, 2012? Does the Maya calendar really predict a cataclysmic event on that date?

read more

Mexican presidential election 2012: The candidates Allan Wall

The imposing Palacio Nacional in Mexico City
© Lilia, David and Raphael Wall, 2012
Four candidates are running for President of Mexico, to be decided on July 1st, 2012. The winner will serve a six-year term, called a sexenio, and each is backed by his or her respective political party or coalition of parties. read more

Elections in Mexico and the US: Comparisons and contrasts Allan Wall

Just as in the US, Mexico holds a presidential election in 2012. Because the presidential term of office is four years in the US and six years in Mexico, the countries' elections coincide only every twelve years. How is a Mexican presidential election similar to a US election, and how is it different? read more

Mexico City: Forward looking city with a pre-Hispanic past Allan Wall

What can one say about Mexico City? It's the capital of Mexico, the biggest metropolis in the Western Hemisphere and the world's eighth-richest city. It's also a first-rate tourist attraction. Locat... read more

2010: a special year in Mexico Allan Wall

Mexican flags for Independence Day celebrations — el 16 de septiembre
© Daniel Wheeler, 2009
By an amazing historical coincidence, calendar year 2010 is both a centennial and bicentennial for Mexico. And as you might well imagine, it leads to 2010 being a great national celebration for Mexico. Independence Day (September 15th-16th) and Revolution Day (November 20th) are both important patriotic celebrations. This year is special because it marks both the bicentennial of what became the Mexican independence movement (in 1810) and the centennial of the start of the Mexican Revolution (in 1910). read more
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