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The incredible growth of Cancun, Mexico's leading tourist resort Richard Rhoda and Tony Burton

Relax in a beach chair in the shade of a thatch-roofed palapa and enjoy Cancun's exceptional beaches.
Mexico’s mass tourism industry in the past forty years has been dominated by large-scale, purpose-built developments partially funded by federal funds. In 1967, responding to bullish predictions of US demand for beach vacations, Mexico’s central bank identified the five best places for completely new, purpose-built tourist resorts. Top of the list, as part of a 30-year plan, was the uninhabited barrier island now known as Cancún. read more

Female quality of life in Mexico Richard Rhoda and Tony Burton

Gender inequality is not an intangible aspect of life.

Mexico has never had a female head of state and has had very few female cabinet members.

The precise roles of women in Mexican society vary greatly from one region to another. More females are now enrolling in university courses, though the difference in rate between females and males is still pronounced. More women are seeking paid employment, and more are entering politics... read more

Water consumption in Mexico Richard Rhoda and Tony Burton

Lake Chapala
Though parts of northern Mexico are arid, the country as a whole receives an average of 760 mm of precipitation a year (slightly over 30 in). This is a considerable amount, more than that received by either Canada or the USA... read more
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