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Hammering out a future for young people in Chapala, Mexico Ed Tasca

The men and women in the Chapala-Ajijic area whom I admire the most are those who can give so generously of their time to help others (without expecting anything in return), and Lakeside seems to be ov... read more

In Mexico, Operation Compassion feeds the hungry Ed Tasca

Often, when we think of starving children, we're thinking about Central Africa or parts of India or even remote areas of South America. But Mexico has its share of the poor, as close by as the Chapala area. The truth is, unremitting hunger is right here under our noses and most of us aren't aware of it. Three Lakeside residents have formed what they call "Operation Compassion." read more

Woody Allen comes to the Chapala Lakeside Ed Tasca

It's called: "An Afternoon with Woody." Little-known works by the comic genius, Woody Allen. And it's a daring attempt to bring the whacko, neurotic zaniness of Woody Allen to Mexico's Chapala Lakeside... read more

Theater in the Chapala lakeside: The Naked Stage Ed Tasca

3A Calle de Zaragoza, Ajijic
read more

Crossing the carretera Ed Tasca

As everyone who has been to Chapala lakeside knows, there is only one major roadway that encircles the fabulous lake. One of the small but essential journeys required of any lakeside residents on a regular basis is to go from one side of the carretera to the other as a pedestrian. read more
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