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Home construction methods in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

My wife and I are hoping to build a small (600-900 sq ft) house just north of Zihuatanejo this winter. (If we can sell our townhouse here.)I've been learning a bit about construction methods that involve building a house with "Lego-like" pieces that are made of styrofoam or polystyrene. read more

Obtaining an F.M.3 Discussion Thread Forum

There was a question in MTMG #1 about whether it is possible to get an FM3 visa before arriving in Mexico. I picked up a standard hand-outfrom the Consulate-Generalof Mexicoin Vancouver recently. It is dated March 1994 and the following information is extracted from it.The FM-3 may be secured at any Mexican Consulate upon the presentation of all of the following:

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Personal Views of Easter in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Semana Santa in Morelia means a vacation at home for me. For one thing, I don't want to become a statistic by hitting the open road, and for another, I don't like crowds. But most importantly, I bask in those times when the help are gone and it's just me and my Doberboys.

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IMSS Insurance Terms & Conditions Discussion Thread Forum

1. It shall be excluded from the family insurance: the holder of the family insured, the additional beneficiary or member, if the have:

Any pre-existing disease, such as malign tumors, cronic degenerated diseases, such as delayed complications of mellitus diabetes, disease (gaucher disease), cronic diseases on liver, cronical renal failure, valvular diseases continuance, (arrhythmia, angor, myocardial infaction) cronic obstructive lung disease with respiratory failure, degenerative diseases of central and peripheral nervous system, vascular cerebral disease continuance, peripheral vascular failure, among others.

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Mexican Wines Discussion Thread Forum

We are traveling to Mazatlan for Christmas this year and would love to sample some good Mexican wines. Can anyone supply us with the names of some good reds and whites? read more

Puerto Vallarta - What to see and do Discussion Thread Forum

Travelling to Puerto Vallarta in Oct....any suggestions? Just interested if anyone has any special advice or info re: PV..i.e...good trips worth taking...etc....thanks read more

Ensenada Info Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Rafa Gonzalez on Julio 04, 2000 Hello, My name is Rafael Gonzalez, I currently live in San Diego, CA and Pili Trabado is my sister in law. By her request I will try to give you some in... read more

Living the retired life in Ensenada Discussion Thread Forum

Wanting to be reasonably close to San Diego for my family in California and Kaiser HMO, I am probably moving to the Ensenada area later this year and hope to connect with people via e-mail who will be willing to answer some questions for me. I lived in San Jose Costa Rica for most of 1999 and I'm familiar with living in a 3rd world country but need input on living in Baja Norte. 1st question is availability and cost of apartment rentals-furnished or not, etc.

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Mexican Bus Company Websites Discussion Thread Forum

I need to find information on getting from Laredo, Texas to Guanajuato. All of the bus company websites I have been able to locate only service the central part of the country. Your help/suggestions would really be appreciated! Thanks.

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Xalapa - A report Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Lee Harrison on Junio 17, 2000 I’ve recently returned from my second trip to Xalapa, and thought I’d share a few thoughts about the area, and my opinion of its suitability as a retir... read more

RV'ing in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Where can I get a list of RV parks in Mexico? I will leave Texas soon for Saltillo. Later, further south, not interested in coastal, primarily mountains.

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Bullfights - where and when Discussion Thread Forum

Many towns have ferias (fairs) and special celebrations during which there may be one or two days of bullfights. In addition, there is the spectacular Plaza Mexico in the Federal District. You might want to check out the Mexican bullfight website that I have linked below: read more

Living In San Luis Potosi Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Diana Myers Stephenson on Junio 07, 2000 Since I gave up, sadly I must say, on Merida as a possible relocation site. I am now considering San Luis Potosi. The distance from my current loc... read more

Moving to Monterrey Discussion Thread Forum

I am moving to Monterey, and would like to know what it is like to live there. I already have a job there, but will I be accepted among the people? Are there any good places to rent? Is it safe for me and my girlfriend? Please respond, I leave very soon and need this info.....

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Pets in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Yes, you can bring your cats; no they are not quarantined. You can even bring the cat in the plane cabin, with a soft airline approved carrier (sherpa or samsonite). It costs about $100 for the extra carry-on/pet ticket, and if the pet is in the cabin with you you won't have to worry about pet travel restrictions due to weather. Get a health certificate from your vet dated within 10 days of your departure, and a health card/certificate showing all the vaccinations. Make sure the cat has a rabies shot. The customs people will ask you for a USDA animal form, which so far no one in the US has ever heard of or been able to find, but tell the customs people you called the consulate in your state and they said this would be sufficient. read more

Tell me about Rosarito Beach Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Bill on Mayo 15, 2000 Over this past weekend, the L.A. Times ran a large feature article on the ups and downs of living in this popular Baja Norte community. This is a "must read" for anyon... read more

Road Trip: Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Mexico City, Querétaro, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Morelia, Guadalajara and Puerto Vallarta Posted by Bill on Mayo 12, 2000 Some of you might find the following article interesting in whic... read more

The best Mexico City markets Discussion Thread Forum

Does anybody have a preference for a market? I'm after the plastic oil cloth and the brightly colored plastic mesh market bags which can fit into the suitcase on the way home. Cheers from down under.

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AREA AROUND THE COLIMA VOLCANO Area around the Colima volcano Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by dave on Mayo 04, 2000 Can anyone tell me what the area is like around the Colima volcano? I am interested in learning if there are any small villages, lakes and nice valleys around the... read more

Hidden Places Near Puerto Vallarta Discussion Thread Forum

Dear Friends, Someone suggested we hire a taxi for a half day. Does anyone have any ideas for truly hidden villages or jungle spots or other places where the tourists don't usually go? Thank you. read more

Acceptance of persons with disabilities Discussion Thread Forum

I will soon be making a trip to Merida. This will be a vacation/preliminary research trip as I am considering the possibility of moving to Mexico. My eighteen-year old child has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair. We have a van with a wheelchair lift. So the ferry from Tampa to Progresso is attractive, as it would allow us to return to the USA for visits and take our van with us. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has knowledge or personal experience with the assimilation, inclusion of persons with disabilities into the Mexican culture.

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Miscellaneous Medical Matters in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

An overview of different health questions for travelers and residents of Mexico, including blood transfusions, diabetes, chiropractors, med evac and assisted living. read more

Visit to Patzcuaro Discussion Thread Forum

I’d like to share a few thoughts having just returned from a brief visit to Pátzcuaro, made for the purpose of sizing it up as a possible retirement venue. Let me start by saying that Pátzcuaro is unquestionably one of the greatest places to visit that exist in Mexico. As a travel destination, it’s difficult to beat, with great hotels and restaurants, a lively upbeat zócalo, the lake, and more crafts than you could take in during a six month stay. read more

Alternatives to the Mexican Postal Service Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Hurley on Marzo 29, 2000 What can you tell me about the mail service from Mexico? I want to use the service to ship small packages back to the USA. Cost? Insurance? Speed? Duty? Any... read more

Motorcycles in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Any general information about driving a motorcycle would be helpful. Thinking about buying one in U.S., driving into Mexico, and using it as my only means of transportation. Any thoughts on safety, security, paperwork, insurance, etc? read more

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