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Beautifully Arranged George Bergin

In the United States those who live on the streets are called homeless, but Martín had a home. read more

Small Brown Bishops George Bergin

From my seat near the aisle I am so close to the glowing casket that I can almost touch it. Although I was baptized 70 years ago, until I came to this little Mexican town I had only seen the inside of... read more

The Calling George Bergin

The money kept rolling in because those who saw the boy went away in a state of euphoria. When they returned to their homes, ranches, they would tell their friends and family all about the boy Jesus, the cave. read more

An Olmec Homerun George Bergin

When Ramon handed the ball to me, I was pleased to find it was latex, not some synthetic material. It was probably very old, made from raw rubber. This one did not have a human skull inside. As I hand... read more

Helping the Needy George Bergin

"If you did not have the money to buy such a nice big truck, my goats would still be alive." read more
Showing 1—5 of 5 results.
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