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AA: Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Mexico "Mexico" Mike Nelson

You'll find AA throughout Mexico, even in small towns. NA has a sizable presence in the larger towns. Alanon is almost everywhere. OA, SALA and other programs are less likely to be encountered outside major cities. AA is very visible. I have noted where there are meetings in many cases, but like here, they move or change. We urge readers to help us keep this list current.

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Tamazunchale: natural beauty, a slow-paced lifestyle, and Mexico's native peoples "Mexico" Mike Nelson

Have you ever found a place in Mexico that mirrors your own life? For me, it's Tamazunchale, San Luis Potosí. "Every bend of the road reveals a more stunning mountain panorama," gushed Nicki, a first... read more

Inviting spas in Cuernavaca, Mexico "Mexico" Mike Nelson

The following information has been summarized and updated from my book, Spas & Hot Springs of Mexico. I recently had the hard duty of visiting three of Mexico's world-class spas. There are about a... read more

Barra del Tordo, Tamaulipas is paradise close to home "Mexico" Mike Nelson

You can stop looking for paradise. It's only 5 hours south of the Texas/Mexico border at McAllen or Brownsville. Most guidebooks dismiss the Gulf Coast uninteresting. They couldn't be more wrong. El Pa... read more
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