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Overfishing in the Sea of Cortez: Are sustainable fish farms the solution? Molly McHugh

Fishing boat in the Sea of Cortez
Fish farms could target the intended species for sale, rather than destructive fishing practices that incidentally kill thousands of forms of sea life in great numbers in pursuit of it. Fish farms are not a problem-free solution, but they are a viable alternative to commercial overfishing in the Sea of Cortez. Farmed fish could meet the demand for at-risk species whose wild stock is being depleted read more

Sending a Child to School in Mexico Molly McHugh

  Mexican schools will welcome you as a foreigner - to a certain extent. Your kids have had a blast in Mexico. You have as well. They're sold, you're sold. Everyone is caught up in hyper-speed tow... read more

Traveling to Mexico with children Molly McHugh

My son had a month of low-cost, high-quality art instruction, and a ton of fun. read more
Showing 1—3 of 3 results.
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