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My journey with La Calaca: a Day of the Dead experience Bill Begalke

An opalescent sky muted the harshness of the emerald earth as the old car struggled up the rock-filled Mexican road, leaving the breeze blown coast behind. I had begun a journey deep into the verdant m... read more

A bay, two towns, three beaches Bill Begalke

Deep down in all of our hearts, there is that desire to escape the everyday world in which we feel trapped and find our personal paradise. Or, to be more precise considering the limitless alternatives ... read more

Hidden time revisited: Puerto Escondido Bill Begalke

To annotated Photo Strip 191 (Each image below clicks to an annotated enlargement.) ... read more

San Miguel: the town that parties too much Bill Begalke

The Valle de Maiz drops away from the old highway to Queretaro into a narrow, gloomy gulch, the dirt streets bounded by broken walls, unfinished homes, dark shadowed places and an occasional vacant lot... read more

Oaxaca, the spirit of Mexico Reviewed by Bill Begalke

Review of "Oaxaca, The Spirit of Mexico" Photographs by Judith Cooper Haden, introduction by Phil Borges, text by Matthew Jaffe; published by Artisan, 2002 All journeys of discovery have a beginning ... read more

Mexico City's miracle mile (or two) Bill Begalke

"Wait," she protested. She bent over the crouched photographer busily framing the pleasant scene for posterity, his camera at the ready, shutter cocked. She spoke loudly into his ear. "Wait!" On the v... read more

The five faces of God: Mexico's Sierra Gorda missions Bill Begalke

They are known as the missions of the Sierra Gorda.

There are others he constructed, to be sure; the California missions are famous around the world. But the most splendid of all of Serra's missions, the ones in Mexico, are themselves a paradox.

These particularly marvelous monuments rest among the mountains in Queretaro state, all within a few minutes drive of each other. They are the crowning jewels of the pueblos of Jalpan, Concá, Tilaco, Landa, and Tancoyol.

read more

Guanajuato: Journey to the center of the universe Bill Begalke

The most important visual image in the classic film, " Close Encounters of the Third Kind," was not the alien spaceship, but the imposing stone monolith chosen as the site of the encounter. In an att... read more

The sky cities of Queretaro Bill Begalke

The Saturday movie-matinee feature of pre-television history introduced my entire generation to the mystery and adventure of lost cities lurking in the dank depths of the world's remote jungles. Great ... read more

Aqui es México Bill Begalke

Of all the most endearing and enduring charms that draw travelers back to Mexico, the effect that the country can have upon a sense of humor is the most magical. It arises out of an initial attitude o... read more
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