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Driving across the Mexican border: Regulations and guidelines Mexico Data On-Line

Here are a couple of steps you need to take when you decide to drive across the border into Mexico. If you abide by these rules, you'll be making sure you can legally take your trip to Mexico by car. ... read more

Mexican history: a brief summary Mexico Data On-Line

Native Mexican Americans first settled along what used to be the shores of shallow lake Texcoco, present day Mexico City, in 1500 BC. By the early 1300 AD, the Aztecs established roots on an Island in ... read more

Business entry into Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

A. BUSINESS VISITOR: A business visitor is a person who is involved in any of the following: research and design - market research business transactions for manufacturing and production (m... read more

Maquiladora Mexico Data On-Line

The Mexican Assembly Program was started over 25 years ago in response to a private sector initiative designed to alleviate a high unemployment problem along the border with the United States. This was... read more

General information on Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

Mexico, the United Mexican States (in spanish Estados Unidos Mexicanos), is a federal republic situated in North America. It is bounded on the north by the United States; on the east by the U.S.... read more

Taxes in Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

The Mexican tax system has been subjected to comprehensive tax reform legislation, enacted principally in 1986 and 1988. The dramatic changes are an attempt to make it compatible with the tax systems o... read more

Intellectual property in Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

A. INTRODUCTION: The intellectual property of a business may be the most important asset that the business owns. The distinctive creation, invention, method or recognition of a company is the result o... read more

What is a maquiladora? Manufacturing in Mexico: The Mexican in-bond (Maquila) program Mexico Data On-Line

After slicing through all of the numerous definitions that cloud this question, the answer is, simply, that a maquiladora is a Mexican Corporation which operates under a maquila program approved for it... read more

Documents needed to ship your product to Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

Importers will use a customs broker (a private-sector provider of services) of choice to obtain release of the merchandise. The customs agent will provide to importers all necessary information relatin... read more

Challenges and opportunities at the turn of the century Mexico Data On-Line


Getting married in Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

In Mexico only civil marriage is recognized as legal. Persons wishing to get married in Mexico may also have a religious ceremony, but it will have no legal implications. A civil wedding in Mexico is f... read more

Incorporation of a Mexican company Mexico Data On-Line

Foreigners can opt to establish a Mexican company or to acquire stock in an already established Mexican company to do business within Mexico, depending upon the need to have a presence and involvement ... read more

Doing business in Mexico: general legal, business & entry issues Mexico Data On-Line

Legal Framework Mexico has embarked on thee modernisation of its legal and judicial systems, and has introduced a substantial deregulation and improvement in the enforcement of its laws. Mexico’s l... read more

Entry of private vehicles into Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

Tourists traveling to Mexico by car must have a valid driver's license and a certificate of title or vehicle registration. In the case of a rented vehicle, it is necessary to show a rental agreement in the name of the person driving the vehicle. In the case of a company car, a notarized document proving that the vehicle was assigned to the driver and a proof of employment.

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Retiring in Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

A person can live in Mexico as a non-immigrant retiree with the income produced by his or her investments, interests or benefits earned outside the country or by any other income authorized by immigrat... read more

Basic guide for foreign investors in Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

To facilitate the entry of foreign investors, officials, professionals and/or technicians involved in any financial or economic activity in Mexico, authorities in Mexican Consulates abroad are empowered to issue the corresponding visas. Citizens or legal permanent residents of Canada and the United States may remain in Mexico for a maximum period of 30 days by obtaining the FMN immigration form, free of charge. This form is extended to "business visitors", "directors", "technicians" and "transferred personnel". The characteristics and requirements of this visa are as follows:

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Common questions asked Mexican customs Mexico Data On-Line

1. What are the basic documents I need to ship my goods to Mexico? NAFTA FACTS document 8401 provides detail on the documents needed to ship goods to Mexico. 2. I have been told that I cannot export ... read more

Map of the classic period 250 A.D. - 900 A.D. Mexico Data On-Line

Rise and Fall of Cities and States  ... read more

Weights And Measures Mexico Data On-Line

To the Kitchen 1 stick butter..... 90grs...... 6 Tbs 1 Dash.....6drops or1/3tsp.....1.6ml 1 Teaspoon........................ 5ml 3 Teaspoons....1 Tablespoon... 15ml 4 Tablespoons......1/4cup.... read more

How to export to and import from Mexico Mexico Data On-Line

Mexico is a large trading partner to both Canada and the US. NAFTA has accelerated this exchange. With the rules and regulations constantly changing, finding your way can be cumbersome. Mexico Co... read more

Comparison of Mexican and Canada/US Education Mexico Data On-Line

Background Whereas the Canadian and US educational systems have been influenced by their British ancestry, the Mexican educational system is based on its French and Spanish ancestry. The different beg... read more

Mexico's Climate - Farenheit Mexico Data On-Line

The coast and lower parts of Mexico can often be very hot with temperatures ranging from 75º - 88ºF in winter and up to 90ºF in summer. In altitudes from 1,220 - 1,830 meters temperatures range from... read more

Who is - In the Province of New Foundland Mexico Data On-Line

Export Assistance Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) This regional development agency helps firms become export- ready. 215 Water Street. Atlantic Place, Suite 801 ... read more

"Getting your feet wet" - Some Pacific beaches Mexico Data On-Line

A guide to some of Mexico's beautiful Pacific beaches read more

México's Trade Commissions Mexico Data On-Line

This page contains a listing of the Méxican Trade Commission offices around the world. read more
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