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Tortilla run: a day in Tijuana Alex Vinson

We woke at 7 a.m. to the blaring horn of the propane truck " beepbeeeeeepbeepbeeeeeeeeep " and wonder if he will ever buy a muffler for that dang truck. We dress quickly so that we can get to the ... read more

A day in the life of my mother-in-law by Alex Vinson Alex Vinson

Wake up about 6am. Verify today is the day that water is available (every 3rd day). Prop the front door open with a stick. Remove the carefully coiled garden hose from its storage place ... read more

A newbie Gabacho in Mexico Alex Vinson

  First Taxi Ride. I parked my car on the US side of the border as I had no idea what to expect if I drove into Mexico. Will I need a passport? Some kind of international driver's license? Better to... read more

Tienda del las dos estufas Alex Vinson

My suegra (mother-in-law) decided that she wanted to sell vegetables from her front porch in rural Guerrero. I asked her how much profit she would like to make and we would work the numbers back... read more

My neighbor the truck driver Alex Vinson

What was all that whirring and buzzing noise coming from downstairs? My new neighbor from Mexico City was spending a sunny Saturday polishing the fuel tank on his semi tractor. I introduced myself (a... read more
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