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Reborn in the temazcal: A traditional native Mexican American purification ceremony Jeffrey R. Bacon

We sit in darkness, on an earthen floor. Hot vapor condenses and drips down my skin as I hug my knees against my chest and breathe lightly to cool the scalding vapor before it reaches my lungs. The bea... read more

Puente de Ojuela in Durango: a 19th century suspension bridge from Mexico's mining heyday Jeffrey R. Bacon

In a single second, excitement, awe, terror, and fascination passed through my mind, as I began the walk across Mapimi Municipality's Ojuela Bridge, in the Chihuahuan Desert, of eastern Durango, Mexico... read more

Going native: gardens in Mexico become more Mexican Jeffrey R. Bacon

As the world's environment deteriorates, some of Mexico's streets and plazas are stepping back toward better ecosystems by going native. Curiously, most ornamental plant species in many Mexican cities... read more

Durango's colonial architecture: eleven quarry stone gems Jeffrey R. Bacon

Many of the city of Durango's important architectural gems, some dating back to the 16th century, still stand today; they provide a colonial backdrop for Durango's strolling residents and tourists alike. read more

Wildflower hunting in Durango Jeffrey R. Bacon

Driving across the state of Durango, flowers paint each region's landscapes with local colors. Wildflower lovers enjoy Durangan flowers nearly all year long because a few hardy species tough out the re... read more

Tlalnepantla - the land in-between Jeffrey R. Bacon

Some time around the turn of the eleventh century indigenous tribes from the Valley of Anahuac trekked north and settled in the land that Franciscans, half a millennium later baptized, "Tlanepantla". T... read more

Basic camping in Mexico gear checklist Jeffrey R. Bacon

Checklists referred to from Camping in Mexico Basic Checklist a warm sleeping bag a quality foam or air mattress (insulation from cold ground) a quality tent with a rain fly ... read more

Camping in Mexico Jeffrey R. Bacon

Much of what makes camping in Mexico intriguing and even mysterious also makes it challenging: It's easy to disappear from the mapped highways and become emerged in the Chihuahuan Desert or the Sierra ... read more

Nopales, tunas and pitayas Jeffrey R. Bacon

Spiny, tough and menacing, the cacti seem peculiar choices as culinary delights. Cacti are well known novelties among potted plant collectors and gardeners, and some cacti, such as nopales (the ... read more

A Mexican travel tool kit from the Sierra Madre Mechanic Jeffrey R. Bacon

Ismael put his hands on the top of his broom stick and hung his arms there a moment and warned me about local mechanics: "Aquí ¡El qué tiene un alambre y unas pinzas es un mecánico!" ("Here, h... read more
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