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Michoacán's rural education Amanda Villagómez

Michoacán Index Gracias y Credits The State: State Map Introduction to Michoacán The Meseta Purepecha - Exploring Michoacán Alternative Tourism in Michoac... read more

Michoacan's rural education Amanda Villagómez

Stating what it means to be Mexican is not an easy topic to define, but the rural education system helps in forming a sense of being Mexico for many young people in Michoacán’s rural areas. The hist... read more

Mexicans: Changing The Eastern Oregon Perspective Amanda Villagómez

Large families, devout Catholics, modest clothing, very poor - these are some of the common preconceived notions about Mexicans from a rural eastern Oregon perspective. However, such a view is limiting... read more
Showing 1—3 of 3 results.
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