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The Music of Mexico June Summers

Mexican music has its roots in the Indian flute, huehuetl (drum) and conch shell. The Spaniards brought their musicians with them as the Indian music proved inadequate for bullfights. Bul... read more

Mexico's Historical Cookies June Summers

PANADERIAS - (Mexican Bakeries): Smells of fresh bread and pastries filter the air, dissolving resolves of the staunchest weight-watchers. Ah! What a sweet lesson in history! Although the gre... read more

The "Indian Time" syndrome June Summers

The Mañana Principle- Mañana means tomorrow, right? Wrong! In Indian space-time, mañana can mean almost anytime ... next week, next month ... possibly never. However, it can be a most usefu... read more

In Mexico, Chile Is The Spice Of Life June Summers

Here's a key phrase to memorize before heading to Mexico. "Es muy picante?" Whenever a waiter answers this question with, "Sí señora," I'm forewarned. In the first bite, my mouth w... read more

Communicating In Latin America June Summers

HURDLE THE LANGUAGE BARRIER - by learning Latin American hand and voice signals. These vary from one culture to another. The following are distinctly LATINO: THE WAGGING FINGER - ... read more

The Colored Paper Affair June Summers

LOVE OF COLORED PAPER is as Mexican as tortillas, tacos, or tequila. There are fiestas all year round and each one is festooned and bright with multi-colored streamers, flowers, and bows; fringed, fold... read more
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