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Day of the Dead - A Celebration David McLaughlin

Rituals and traditions can provide a sense of place and timelessness. They offer us the opportunity of feeling connected to what has gone before and what will continue through the corridors of time. It seems to me that of the three countries in North America, Mexico has developed a culture that has some of the richest and most meaningful rituals. One in particular I have adopted as it gives me much that I did not have when I lived in Canada. read more

Rolly Brook 1931 - 2015 David McLaughlin

RIP Rolly
On February 25th, 2015 a dear friend and loyal supporter of Mexconnect and many ex-pats died.

He will be missed and we have a few loving words for Rolly Brook... read more

Welcome to the new MexConnect! David McLaughlin

If you are new to MexConnect, we hope you enjoy the site and discover its incredible richness of information. If you are a previous reader of the site, we hope you will take the time to discover how t... read more

Comparing Management Differences - Cultural Myths David McLaughlin

General Items   Myths "What works here ought to work in Mexico." Not so. You cannot transplant Canadian or US techniques, methods and management styles without adapting them and expect them to work... read more
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