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Is Cancun plastic? Jules Siegel

(Photographs by Faera Siegel ©2000) When I tell my media friends that I am writing a book called "The Real Mexico", they invariably act a bit dumbfounded and frequently ask how I can possibly know an... read more

Holding on to the dream in Cancun Jules Siegel

First published in The London Observer/Guardian Foreign News Service Jan. 17, 2000 Anita Brown (my beautiful bride these twenty-two years) met a lady from Littleton, Colorado, on the way to downtown C... read more

On becoming a statistic: A story of two children in a Oaxaca hospital Jules Siegel

(Originally published in somewhat different form in The Mexico City News, November, 1982) Eli was sick a lot in Oaxaca. The air of the city of Oaxaca in those days was fecalized. Many people there sti... read more

Cancun today: An interview with Jules Siegel Jules Siegel

Cancun may very well be plastic, but I assure you that this is the real Mexico, the Mexico of today and the future, clicking and popping and exploding with positive energy, not the dusty old Dos Amigos version with silly sombreros and adobe houses. read more

Omerta Reviewed by Jules Siegel

OMERTA By Mario Puzo Random House; 316 pages; $25.95 Reviewed by Jules Siegel San Francisco Chronicle Sunday, July 9, 2000 "Omerta," Mario Puzo's posth... read more
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