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Max and Carlota Ruth Ross-Merrimer

Married just seven years at the time of their acceptance of the throne in Mexico, Archduke Ferdinand Maximilian and Archduchess Maria Charlotte were both of royal blood, young, well educated, and happi... read more

The tragic love story of Alma Reed and Felipe Carrillo Ruth Ross-Merrimer

One of the great romantic stories of Mexico concerns Felipe Carrillo Puerto, a Governor of Yucatan, and Alma Reed, an American newspaper columnist in San Francisco. Back in the early 1920's, Alma Reed... read more

In search of Malinche - the Mexican Mata Hari Ruth Ross-Merrimer

With only 618 soldiers and sailors, four cannon, several brass guns, and sixteen horses, Hernàn Cortéz - also known as Hernando Cortés - brought about the collapse of the Aztec Empire, thereby accom... read more

The rise and almost fall of the hot dog in Mexico Ruth Ross-Merrimer

In 1943 a couple of young American entrepreneurs attending a bullfight in Mexico and observing the crowd that filled the stadium, hit on the idea that they could become millionaires by introducing the ... read more

A peon ponders the equality of life Ruth Ross-Merrimer

For the second year in a row it was a time of drought in Mexico. At the time of year when the life-giving rains should have been falling each day, they had come and gone, dropping just enough moisture ... read more
Showing 1—5 of 5 results.
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