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The Captain's Hat David Roland

Original art by Geonni Gray Banner © 2009
It was a fine old hat, a military officer's hat with a thick lacquered bill that was black on the top and dull green underneath.

A hat like that could take a man anywhere that people recognized the strength of a working man, the slowly-earned benefit of labor and the wisdom such labor produced. read more

Tijuana hotels and dining David Roland

Photos by Robert Mohr © Robert Mohr 2006 People in Latin countries are usually out visiting in the evenings, having fun and listening to street musicians and eating at any of the well-lit taco ... read more

Tijuana: Serious shopping for the serious shopper David Roland

  Tijuana: A Taste of Mexico Part III Serious Shopping for the Serious Shopper By David Roland © David Roland 2006 Photos by Robert Mohr © Robert Mohr 2006 ... read more

Tijuana: a taste of Mexico on a budget David Roland

While white sand beaches and lobster by candlelight are part of a typical vacation for many tourists, I've never been much interested in the overpriced and frankly elitist form of pastime that this sor... read more

Tijuana, a taste of Mexico David Roland

Tijuana boasts a bullfight ring, racetracks for both dogs and horses, a jai alai fronton, golf courses, museums and cultural centers, a beautiful beach nearby, and other attractions not found in other ... read more
Showing 1—5 of 5 results.
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