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Martin Ibarra Morales - renowned ceramicist and master of detail Phyllis Rauch

I spent a long time studying the eyes of the Olmecs, the lips, noses and facial expressions of the Toltecs and those from Colima. It was the work of all who went before me that enabled me to do what I ... read more

The lost tribe Phyllis Rauch

Although, Georg had never designed a city crest before, being a European he was used to a certain amount of pomp and ceremony. How hard could this be?

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Not your usual wedding - a Valentine's Day story Phyllis Rauch

Now that Jocotepec's major annual festival, The Lord of the Mountain is history once again, my thoughts turn to the next important holiday, Valentine's Day, when we celebrate sweethearts and lovers. He... read more

A Christmas tree in Mexico Phyllis Rauch

Finding just the right tree for Christmas in Mexico was a challenge from the start. My Austrian husband had grown up with a father who worked on decorations for their tree for weeks in advance of He... read more

Learning to shop in the village Phyllis Rauch

John's point wasn't, I sensed, simply a lesson in village economics. When we moved to Mexico in 1976, I didn't regret leaving behind the Alpha Beta Supermarket, the 7-11 quick-stop, or Newport Mall. I... read more

Calle Rico Phyllis Rauch

The street is Calle Rico, as far as I knew, the only one with this unfortunate name in the entire nation.

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