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Mazatlan - not just another resort Marvin H. Perton

Angela Peralta is a big name in Mazatlán (mah-saht-LAHN). And practically everyone, especially the locals, are happy to tell you "the real story" about this legendary, Mexican diva. Only every story y... read more

Merida: the white city of the Yucatan Marvin H. Perton

MERIDA'S HISTORY SIGHTS TO SEE SHOPPING DINING The early inhabitants of Merida "discovered" a plant that had ... read more

Tequila, more than just a margarita Marvin H. Perton

Just about an hour from Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco, there's a little town (population 17,740) with a big reputation: Tequila. Meaning "the rock that cuts" in the Nahuatl language, Tequila is... read more
Showing 1—4 of 4 results.
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