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Never, ever, play poker with a Mexican Jesuit Paddy and Molly Mulligan

It was all Molly's idea. Not unusual. After all, everything we do is always Molly's idea. This time, she thought it would be nice to invite a priest over for dinner since we were finally settled in Mor... read more

Chickenfiction Paddy and Molly Mulligan

CHICKENFICTION or How to Spot a Genuine Mexican Chicken from the Phonies Another of the "Mulligan Stew" stories. By Paddy & Molly Mulligan ... read more

Molly's tamales! Paddy and Molly Mulligan

"Morelia is a taco town", Molly remarked over morning coffee a few months ago. I didn't say anything because I knew her remark wasn't meant to be critical. It's just that after living in Morelia for a ... read more

Mexican pigeons do not fly in a straight line! Paddy and Molly Mulligan

It all started when I took Molly to one of the downtown parks here in Morelia, a park crammed with pretty flowers, spraying fountains and Jacarandas in full bloom. We soon found ourselves enjoying a qu... read more
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