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San Francisco Ixtacamaxtitlan: The conquistadors in Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

Prospective: Dateline-San Francisco Ixtacamaxtitlan September 29, l998   Part I In February 1519 Hernan Cortez and his small army of adventurers set sail from Cuba on one of the... read more

My Place Under The Sun - Tlaxco: Part 3 Charles E. Moritzky

Part II Mexicans are land conscious. The last revolution was largely about land ownership. Women like to own their own home. They usually start out by buying a lot, or someone gives the... read more

Creations In Silver - By Dona Eva Martinez Charles E. Moritzky

The designs of Doña Eva Martinez are mostly 18th and 19th century with some pre-hispanic symbolism, predominantly earrings. They are of pure silver and treated to give an antique finish. The designs a... read more

A Tijuana Jail Charles E. Moritzky

This is another vignette of one of my experiences in Mexico. It is not a complaint or criticism, just an account of brief adventure. A lot of people would be reluctant to admit that they had spent ... read more

Baja California - The Wedding Charles E. Moritzky

I rented a small house in La Gloria, in the hills between Rosarito Beach and Tijuana. It was a cozy place. I had painted inside and out and landscaped the yard. A willow tree shaded the back patio and ... read more

Puebla: traveling the Central High Plains of Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

In my original booklet on traveling the Central High Plains, we traveled to Poza Rica by way of Xicotepec and La Ceiba, one of the principal routes between Mexico City and Poza Rica. Since I have used ... read more

Veracruz: traveling the Central High Plains of Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

A couple of years ago I wrote a booklet about the Central High Plains with the idea that I would offer my services as a guide. This idea, as a lot of my other ideas, fell flat. However, I was asked if ... read more

Baja California - Hotel Playas Ensenada Charles E. Moritzky

Doors are locked. Lights extinguished. The world belongs to the nocturnal creatures, the ocean, the breeze, and a trickle of night people. Time is irrelevant. The past, the present, and the future assu... read more

Zapotitlan (Land Of The Vultures) Charles E. Moritzky

Vidal is my brother-in-law. He and Areceli, his wife, both teach at a rural school where Vidal also is the director. He is a nice guy. He smiles a lot, is generous, and it seems when anyone needs help,... read more

My Place Under the Sun - Part 1 Charles E. Moritzky

My Place Under the Sun - Part I Marta Graciela Sanchez Rivera de Moritzky (Chela) She weighs less than 100 pounds and doesn't even come up to my shoulders. She has a nice personality a... read more

Mexico - As I Live And Breathe It Charles E. Moritzky

Yesterday I called David M. with Mexico Connect regarding web pages. After he had given me more information than I had bargained for, I asked him if there was anything in particular that he wanted me t... read more

Personalguide Services In Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

I assume you have read at least one of my articles in Mexico Connect. If not, there you will learn something about me. I am offeri... read more

Tlaxco, my place under the sun: Part 2 Charles E. Moritzky

Part I It's around 7:30 in the morning. I am awakened by one or more of the kids invading our bedroom to iron their clothes or to solicit help from Chela as they get ready for school. I drag my... read more

South from Puebla, Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

From Cholula we are in the city of Puebla in a matter of minutes. Though Puebla is a city of maybe 1.5 million people, it is not a city of tall buildings of steel and glass. The old part of town surrou... read more

Cholula: Traveling the Central High Plains of Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

On a huge hill, covered with weeds, small trees and debris, was built a church overlooking the city, the Sanctuary de los Remedies. It is a beautiful site, with the towered church silhouetted against t... read more

Tlaxcala State: Traveling the Central High Plains of Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

I have been receiving a number of letters from people who have an interest in pre-Columbian Mexico and therefore this article will be mostly about my explorations in the vicinity of Tlaxco. Tlaxco is a... read more

Tlaxcala City: Traveling the Central High Plains of Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

The Plaza de la Constitution is the main plaza or zocalo. Its grounds are well landscaped with large old shade trees, flowers, park benches, decorative green cast lampposts and several fountains. In th... read more

Life and death ritual: La corrida de toros Charles E. Moritzky

I have never been an ‘ aficionado’ or ardent fan of bullfighting, but during the summer of ’57 I went to the bullfights regularly while spending the summer in Mexico City as a student. It l... read more

The summer of '57 in Mexico City Charles E. Moritzky

We had come down on a chartered bus from LSU with our professor to study Spanish. A classroom had been rented and arrangements made for us to stay in private homes. Classes were held in the morning and... read more

La Bruja: Mexican witchcraft Charles E. Moritzky

As you may know, there are Brujas Blanca's (white witches) and Brujas Negra's (black witches). The white witches do good and the black witches cast spells for which mean or envious people... read more

On learning about Mexico: Life in the capital Charles E. Moritzky

I have walked around Colonia San Juan and observed women in small groups chatting and laughing and men leaning against the walls, sunning themselves and talking and laughing as though they didn't have ... read more

Temexla, Puebla: Perspectives from rural Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

The square five-gallon can with a slow burning fire inside generated enough heat to warm the tortillas and beans. Small containers of salsa, chilis and whatever sat on the ground. The half dozen or so ... read more

San Francisco, Ixtacamaxtitlan: Padre Julio Flores Charles E. Moritzky

Following a policy of keeping the boys and the girls seperated, Martita and Vidal seldom saw each other at school. It must have been some comfort just knowing that the other was close by. Marta's dormi... read more

Hacienda San Juan de Tlaxco, Tlaxcala: The people Charles E. Moritzky

Perspective: Dateline - Tlaxco, Tlaxcala, Mexico August 3, 1998 COLONIA SAN JUAN The Hacienda San Juan de Tlaxco Night-shadows play over the weathered stone markers in the small aban... read more

La Ceiba, Puebla: Efrain, artist curandero and friend Charles E. Moritzky

Perspective: Dateline - La Ceiba, Puebla, Mexico The Artist and Curandero: continued. La Ceiba is a small town in the state of Puebla on the highway between Mexico City and Poza Rica, Veracru... read more
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