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Mexican master ceramist Jorge Wilmot: the interval between before and after Erin Cassin and Kinich Ramirez

Master ceramist Jorge Wilmot
"When I was working, I never thought of it as creating a piece of art. I was doing what I wanted to do and what I could do and I organized other people to do it."
"I am from Mexico, but it is like (being) from another country that no longer exists," says famed potter Juan Jorge Wilmot Mason.
Mexico lost a beloved artisan when he passed away on January 12, 2012. read more

Nature's artist: Mexico's Alan Vazquez Erin Cassin and Kinich Ramirez

"The topics that I address in my artwork are an SOS to protect our scarce natural resources of today." read more

Mexico family roots: the Soteno Trees of Life Erin Cassin and Kinich Ramirez

For the Soteno brethren of Metepec in the State of Mexico, creating the sculptures known as árboles de la vida (trees of life) is more than an art form - it is a family tradition. It all began i... read more

The art of peace: Art, music and theater in Cancun Erin Cassin and Kinich Ramirez

Peace manifests itself through artistic expression in Cancun's "Day Out of Time" celebration. read more
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