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Four Days in the Oaxaca State Prison John McClelland

At 9:15 a.m. on February 3, 2010, I steeled myself to enter the Central Penitentiary in Oaxaca, Mexico. Having heard stories of overcrowding, rampant drug use, filthy conditions, torture, inadequate fo... read more

A trip to Puerto Angel John McClelland

      By John McClelland ©John McClelland 2006 - The tourists at Zipolite were decidedly young although, there was a generous smattering of old hippies who seemed to be the more ardent practi... read more

This means war John McClelland

The financial impacts of poor water quality on Mexico are nothing short of staggering. In any discussion about visiting Mexico, somebody always pipes up with the comment "Don't drink the water." If I ... read more

Henequen and its role in the Yucatan's shifting fortunes John McClelland

The Maya produced fibre from the henequen plant since the time of Christ. read more

Merida: fiery mistress, seductive city John McClelland

Merida is a most un-Mexican city. It feels more European; more reserved in a middle class sort of way. read more

Treasure of the Sierra Madre: wintering in San Miguel de Allende John McClelland

If you're contemplating a lengthy escape from northern winters, think seriously about the Grand Plateau of Mexico. On this great land mass between the eastern and western branches of the Sierra Madre M... read more

Baseball In Guanajuato John McClelland

Judy pounds on my bedroom door, waking me from a very sound sleep. After all, it's only 7 a.m. "Yeah." I say. "There's a scorpion in the bathroom." Silence. "Jim!" "So kill it." "Killing scorpion... read more
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