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First flight - an excerpt from the book: Agave Marias Gloria Marthai

My reprobate pilot is a doctor. His own health problems prompted early retirement to Mexico. When he couldn't pass a health exam for a new flying license, he changed a 3 to an 8 on the expiration date of his old one and flew down from Seattle. Most generous with his gringo friends, Doc shares his medical expertise, his Jaguar, his Harley and now his Cessna. This is my first flight in a small plane and I'm excited. Our plans are simple. Two hours round trip to the coastal beach, a swim and picnic lunch. We should be back in the afternoon. read more

The wedding - an excerpt from the book: Agave Marias Gloria Marthai

Some of us wondered how that wedding could be blessed by God. Was it really His will? The village padre said it was. No one dared ask why. That would just give him a chance to preach to us about the power of faith. And, after all, our good standing in the church means a lot to us. The church provides the major distraction in our tedious lives, giving us religious fiestas and processions, baptisms, weddings, first communions and funerals. read more

Three señoras named Lola - an excerpt from the book Agave Marias Gloria Marthai

Two things the three señoras had in common were poverty and pain. Even their names, Dolores, meaning pains, seemed to cast a grim prognostication on their lives. Their informal names of Lola did nothing to lighten their load. read more

Rancho El Pozo: a vignette Gloria Marthai

High on a mountain, the isolated ranch house, serene, silent sentinel of the past, overlooks the vast sun-drenched Sayula Valley. Far below a railroad cleaves a fretted path through the town of Zacualc... read more
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