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Gulp! The ATM Gulped My Credit Card! What Now? Melville King

Years ago at my car bank in Texas, the befuddled ATM swallowed my credit card. I immediately pushed the call button and told the teller answering that the machine wouldn't give me my card back. She sai... read more

La Pena De Bernal And Guanajuato Melville King

Bernal Travel articles always emphasize the good and minimize the bad. After reading so much about so many different paradises all over the world, one begins to wonder where the authors find a... read more

Modern Day Miracles In Mexico Melville King

The construction of the new road was headed by an engineer named Manuel Gamboa. A faithful devotee of the Santo Niño de Atocha, he placed an image of the Santo Niño in a small cave alongside the road... read more

Have You Ever Lost Your Bank? Melville King

Here in Jerez de García Salinas, Zacatecas, México, on a bright, clear, sunny Saturday of October, I walked past my bank on the way to the post office.I was very happy to notice that crews were repla... read more

Tramites: Mexican Paperwork----ouch! Melville King

Episode 1. How weakness and overconfidence can lead to bad decisions. Spring fever got to Jerezano in early May of 2001. In that weakened condition the new car bug stung and stung hard. Jerezano mu... read more

Moving stuff to Mexico Melville King

All foreigners to Mexico who apply for and receive an FM3 permanent residence document are carefully instructed by the Mexican officials that the newly documented resident has the one-time right to imp... read more

Getting a telephone installed in a small Mexican town Melville King

Today I’m sending up rockets ( cohetes). It’s a day worth celebrating. If you have lived for any time in Mexico in a small town you know what I mean. That first rocket exploding at 5:30 in the ... read more
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