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La Virgen de Guadalupe - Mother of all Mexico Judy King

Strolling through street markets, browsing the tourist stalls, visitors to all parts of Mexico see mountains of goods featuring the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe. As tourists observe the impossibly ... read more

Mexico's Christmas traditions: Posadas, pastorelas and nacimientos Judy King

Few North Americans recognize that the roots of these treasured “Christmas” traditions were active long before the birth of Christ. In fact, most evolved from pagan winter solstice rituals of the Celts, Druids, Scandinavians and indigenous groups, and the much older Jewish Festival of Lights.

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Saint Anthony and John the Baptist: June festivals at Lake Chapala Judy King

Church dedicated to Saint Anthony of Padua in San Antonio Tlayacapan, Mexico.
© Taner Sirin, 2011
During June, we investigate the history, lives and legends of Saint Anthony of Padua, the beloved patron saint of San Antonio Tlayacapan and San Juan Cosala's Saint John the Baptist as these communities on Mexico's Chapala lakeshore focus for nine days on processions, masses, sky rockets and devotions. Each community will begin each of the nine days preceding their Saint's Day with early morning firecrackers to awaken the village for the morning pilgrimage to mass... read more

Religion in Mexico: the Signs of the Cross Judy King

It happens all the time when I am talking with a Mexican friend as we walk or drive. In the midst of riveting conversation, she stops mid-word to touch her head, heart and shoulders and I realize we ar... read more

Judy's amazing adventure Judy King

By mid-October, everything was done, I was packed and ready to leave. I placed the cat carrier on the front seat, hugged my friends as they warned me again that I would surely be raped and pillaged, cl... read more

The Day Of The Holy Cross - May 3rd Judy King

Each year on May 3rd processions of singing pilgrims carrying streamers and flowers wend their way through towns, cities and villages of Mexico to decorate the crosses along roadsides and on mountainto... read more

Our Lady of the Sorrows – Nuestra Señora de los Dolores Judy King

For many years, villages and towns in Mexico, have enacted special Biblical events and gathered to pray at specially erected altars to celebrate sacred figures on each of the Fridays of Lent. These spe... read more

Santa Elena, discoverer of the Holy Cross Judy King

My fascination with life and accomplishments of Santa Elena came to me accidentally this year, as I struggled to unravel the traditions and customs of one of Mexico's most popular Feast Days-May 3rd, t... read more

Tying The Knot -- Mexican Style Judy King

Mexico's ornate old churches are beautiful and romantic settings for weddings. Saturdays there always seem to be three brides at the charming little church across... read more

Los Dias de los Muertos (the Days of the Dead) Judy King

Foreigners have more trouble understanding Los Dias de Los Muertos than any of Mexico's other fiestas. At first glance, Day of the Dead decorations, colored paper garlands, little skel... read more

The Virgin of Zapopan: Her visit to Lake Chapala Judy King

Well, She came out to the lake again last Sunday. Driving in a specialized open car, The Virgin of Zapopan and the Bishop came from Her home, the Basilica of Zapopan to spend the day at the lake, bring... read more

In Mexico, sometimes we foreigners are the entertainment Judy King

Often, after visitors have been here a short time, I hear them comment on how kind and accepting the Mexicans in the villages along the shores of Lake Chapala are to of the foreigners who have invaded ... read more

The Elders Circle: An exploration in wisdom Judy King

I am nearly 55 years old. In the culture of the United States, where the desired ones, the members of the "In" crowd are YOUNG, I am not sure I would have just blurted out that information. If I had be... read more

Mexico real estate: property appraisals Judy King

(Disclaimer: All prices quoted in this article are accurate as of February, 2000. In addition, there are ALWAYS exceptions!) It is helpful for newcomers to Mexico to review the basics of property eval... read more

Christmas holidays in Mexico: Festivals of light, love and peace Judy King

Chanukah Chanukah, one of the celebrations of light during the time of Winter Solstice begins at sunset on December 3 this year. Each evening, families light candles to remember the triumph of the Mac... read more

Symbolic Huichol Art: Journeys of Vision Judy King

As I walked through the gardens of La Nueva Posada, my eyes were riveted on the young indigenous girl seated on the garden wall. Her vivid yellow skirt and blue top reminded me of our magazine's masthe... read more
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